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Women’s Hormones with Maria Claps

Published February 14, 2020

Meet Maria Claps, a member of the Practice Better community, health coach and entrepreneur. Maria helps to empower women to take control of…

Discussing Functional Medicine with Gail Clayton

Published September 13, 2019

Culinary Nutrition with Kristen Ciccolini

Published August 13, 2019

Becoming a Functional Medicine Health Coach with Elijah Sacra

Published July 03, 2019

Empowered Eating with Michelle Yandle

Published June 02, 2019

Michelle Leotta, woman, standing in the street with hand on her hair.

Becoming a Health Coach with Michelle Leotta

Published May 08, 2019

Health Coaching and Healthy Eating with Dawn Parker

Published April 05, 2019

Running a Nutrition Business with Jennifer Fugo

Published March 13, 2019

Getting Started with Health Coaching with Shelley Myers

Published February 16, 2019

Meg Bowman Chats About Managing Her Practice

Published November 08, 2018