Feature Highlight: Manage Your Time with Google Calendar

November 07, 2019

No matter your time zone, there are only 24 hours in a day, and as the saying goes: “Time is Money.” Effective time management is crucial for both your business and personal life, so let our Google Calendar integration help you save time and money.

Our Google Calendar integration allows you to consolidate multiple calendars and view all your sessions and events in one place. Booking and accepting sessions will be easier when you don’t have to double-check more than one calendar application. By default, Practice Better will prevent clients from requesting sessions that conflict with the events that you have created in your Google Calendar App.

Combine your calendars by sharing them with your primary Google account, it’s very easy to share. Once you have successfully shared your calendars, link your primary Gmail Google account to Practice Better and select the calendars that you’d like to see in Practice Better.

Note: To learn more about sharing your Google Calendar and adjusting access permissions, click here.

Practice Better Time Management Tips

Syncing Practice Better back to Google Calendar

Linking your Google Calendar to Practice Better allows you to sync your sessions, tasks, scheduled meetings, and even your availability. You can customize these settings and change how your calendars interact at any time.

When you sync Practice Better back to Google, you’ll be able to access your sessions, events, and tasks whether you’re logged into Practice Better or not by checking Google Calendar on your desktop or mobile app. This adds another layer of access and ease when it comes to managing your time.

Mark your Google Events as Busy or Free to Optimize Your Schedule

Use our Google Calendar integration to avoid scheduling conflicts and to create the proper distinction between your work and personal life. You can adjust how your personal events in Google will interact with your scheduling availability in Practice Better. For example, if you have an event that you want to add to your calendar as a reminder but do not want it to interfere with your availability, mark it as Free in Google and Practice Better will allow clients to view options and request sessions during this time slot. Alternatively, if you mark your event as busy, client’s will not be able to request sessions during this time and will have to find a time that fits your schedule.

Add Another Layer of Efficiency With Your Booking and Cancellation Settings

Integrating your Google Calendar with Practice Better allows you to override your set availability by creating events in your calendar. By default, all busy events will block your clients from requesting sessions during that time. However, you can create additional availability options in your Bookings & Cancellation Settings, such as ignoring all-day events or adding buffer time to your personal events. You can even allow your clients to request sessions outside your regular availability and regardless of conflicting events in external calendars.

Learn more about your Booking and Cancellation Settings by clicking here

Our Google Calendar integration tool was designed to help you manage what can sometimes feel like busy and hectic days. Learn more about how to include this feature into your daily, weekly and monthly workflow to reclaim control over your time!

Note: If you’re using iCal on an iOS device, click here to learn how to link it to Google Calendar.

PB Hack: Enhance your programs by adding group sessions – Learn more about adding group sessions to your programs!

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