How Her Hope Behavioral Health Grew its Client Base by 386%

May 10, 2024

What would it be like to support your clients with step-by-step instructions, provide helpful reminders when needed, and collaborate with your team…automatically?

If your clients had built-in support, would you be able to show up for them with better focus and more energy?

Lexie Belle, Founder of Her Hope Behavioral Health, says yes!

Today, we will pull back the curtain on Her Hope Behavioral Health and discover how they have grown their client base, provided daily personalized support and accountability to their clients, and improved their onboarding experience. The result has been phenomenal growth for both clinics. 

Let’s dive in!

Meet Her Hope Behavioral Health

Today, we celebrate Her Hope Behavioral Health, a private counseling and mental health practice created for women and teenage girls. This practice was founded by Lexie Bell, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC), to provide a safe place to sort through life’s most challenging moments. 

Lexie was drawn to this life-saving work due to her personal experiences as a two-time survivor of postpartum depression, postpartum anxiety, and perinatal OCD.

A growing opportunity to help more women heal 

Her Hope Behavioral Health is a place to find healing through counseling with the care, love, and support of other women through 1:1 sessions and group care.

Today, Her Hope Behavioral Health is a growing practice comprising 15 healthcare practitioners in two clinics who support their clients in person. They serve even more clients through telehealth. 

The big question? How can they keep a bustling clinic organized, provide a smooth onboarding process, and support their clients with practical reminders and nudges that support their healing? 

How Her Hope Behavioral Health creates efficient systems

Lexie and her team saw an opportunity to use the right tools to run their practice – both in person and online – and automate parts of it to help each clinician focus on their patients. 

“we embedded a public form we’ve created and a great booking link into our website so potential patients can fill out an interest form and schedule a free consultation, all in one shot.”

Lexie Belle, LMHC

From website to free consultation, using one platform reduces the cognitive load for Lexie and her team while allowing prospective patients to flow in.

Easy client onboarding benefits everyone

Lexie and her team smoothly onboard new clients into their clinic. By using automated programs, they have been able to automatically share steps with their new clients that include:

  • Connecting with their therapist through the client portal and messaging function
  • Using their journal
  • Accessing tasks assigned to them by their clinician
  • Finding the documents section to get us sensitive/protected health information or to upload homework follow-up
  • Understanding the billing process

By automatically teaching their clients how to easily interact with the clinic, Her Hope Behavioral Health can focus on what is most important: counseling sessions. 

The right reminders at the right time

For someone in the throes of a mental health challenge, the same daily habits and strategies that support their healing can be difficult to remember and implement.

Dr. Cara Kaul, reproductive psychiatrist, uses journals and reminders to support her patients. They allow her to set prompts like, “Remember to take your medication” or “Remember to write in your journal today,” increasing patients’ accountability when working with therapists.

Clear client communications

Supporting clients through their mental health challenges requires healthcare providers to be adaptable and solution-oriented. Lexie’s team appreciates the ability to have everything in one place.

  • Clients can reschedule appointments.
  • Medication questions and dosage adjustments are taken care of and documented.
  • Question for your provider? Send a message through the app. 
  • Need to bill the insurance provider? Just a few clicks of a button.

“I really appreciate the chat feature. It’s primarily how we communicate with patients, replacing voicemails, phone messages, and emails. Everything is consolidated into the chat, which is very helpful. As I’m only there one day a week, there are many days when I might miss a message. Fortunately, the rest of the team can pick up these messages and assist people with billing questions or rescheduling.”

Dr. Cara Kaul

Dr. Kaul can maintain security and efficient communication while being present once weekly by limiting her communication to one HIPAA-compliant channel.

Smooth delegation by assigning tasks

It can seem impossible to keep track of who is in charge of what in a bustling clinic, but Lexie and her team love the ability to delegate specific tasks among themselves. This helps prevent anything from getting forgotten or lost. Team members will make tasks for each other to pass on information or keep the team accountable.

Growing the practice on autopilot through referral forms

Lexie is proud that their referrals are increasing, too! And she’s developed an elegant system to capture referrals right into her software: forms

“We also created a separate space on our site for our referral partners across the state to refer patients to us and collected patient information directly into Practice Better. This has been a game changer for ensuring client information is securely transmitted from the referring provider to us.”

Clients love the smooth experience

While the team has benefitted from their efficient systems, their clients love it, too.

While the Her Hope team did share that they have some pushback about their need to download yet another app, clients are happy with things once they get set up.

Jessica Dopico, Licensed Clinical Social Worker at Her Hoper Behavioral Health, says clients quickly get the hang of the app.

“Once they realize that everything is all in one spot for both the practitioner and the client Clients really appreciate being able to see all their scheduled sessions, have the option to reschedule themselves, upload documents and worksheets, and also have the ability to communicate – directly through the Practice Better app.”

Jessica Dopico, LCSW

Helping more people every day

The results are impressive; their clinic has blossomed from 57 clients to a booming 220. We’re so proud that Her Hope Behavioral Health is using the Practice Better Team Plan and took the time to share their experiences with us today. Thank you!

Turn your clinic into a growth, referral, and efficiency machine with software that does it all. Speak to our team to explore ways Practice Better can help you succeed like Lexie. 

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