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April 25, 2022

Post Updated [April 25, 2022]

3 Tools Small Businesses Need in 2022

If you’re a small business owner in the health and wellness industry, you’re no stranger to the obstacles faced trying to grow your business while you’re busy running it. In fact, it’s one of the biggest challenges small business owners face today. And while it would be nice to hire some help, it may not always be in the cards, budget-wise (the average labor cost for small businesses is around 20-35% of the income it takes in). Luckily, there is help. Here are the top three online tools every health and wellness professional must have in their practice in order to spend less time on operations and more time operating.

1. Seamless Meeting Set Ups with Online Schedulers

Online booking is rapidly becoming the standard for consumers. With the undeniable growth of online commerce, it’s easy to understand why they expect to have instant access to products and services.

Many practitioners and clinics have acknowledged this growing trend by adding a convenient online booking platform to their website. By doing that, not only are they fulfilling their clients’ needs but they’re recognizing the added value—the ability to reach a wider audience and grow their client database. Integrating a booking calendar onto your website or sales page will give you the opportunity to advertise your services and close the sale in the same place, in real-time. 

Practice Better allows you to seamlessly integrate your booking calendars and widgets directly onto your webpage. If you would like to add a “Book Now” button on your sales page, you can simply opt to add a direct link to your service(s). If you want to keep your clients on the same page, you can opt to use a calendar widget on your website.

Practice Better booking page

If you have specific services that you would like to share on your website, such as a free introductory call, meal planning, or personalized coaching, all you have to do is integrate a direct link or booking widget for that specific service and you’re good to go.

If you have more than one service that you’d like to share on your website, you can create a custom Bookings Page and arrange how you’d like your services and packages to be displayed. Practice Better can help by providing you with a direct link for your Bookings Pages making it easier for you to share all, or even just some, of your services on your website. Once bookings have been requested, they can also be synced with your Google Calendar to help you better manage your personal and work schedules. 

2. Easier Payment Solutions, like Automated Invoicing

Scheduling a session doesn’t have to end once the time and date have been chosen, you might also want to ask for payment from clients at the time of booking. If you’re looking to collect credit card information, deposits, or any types of payment on your website, Practice Better provides flexible options to collect for your services, including automated invoicing. The best part is, clients will be able to learn about, book, and purchase your services all in one place for a smooth experience.

Initial Consultation
practice better payment

3. Better Information Collection = Better Bookings

Another benefit of Practice Better online booking is that it allows you to add forms and waivers to your booking process. This is an incredibly useful tool that dieticians and other nutrition professionals use to screen potential clients while engaging them with thoughtful questions. Not only does it create a new level of efficiency for your practice, it helps you collect useful information about your clients. It also shows them that you’re serious about helping them achieve their personal health goals.

Want to make it easier to answer any questions your clients might have so you can gather even more information? Practice Better also has online chat software so you can communicate with your clients through video chat at any time.

When it comes to integrating services onto your website, the benefits are truly endless. The biggest one being that it’s the simplest and most effective way to grow your base and book more appointments. Practice Better’s online booking features can help you better manage your clients, better market your services, and collect valuable information about your clients—all from one secure place. So if you’re looking for ways to improve your business efficiency, we’ve got all the tools you need right here.


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