New Brand, Same Laser Focus: Removing the Barriers to Better 

June 02, 2023

A letter from Nathalie, Practice Better Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer 

There’s never been a better time to be a wellness practitioner.   

We’ve entered an era where consumers are increasingly rallying around a shared, proactive vision of health and wellness. They want deeper, more personalized relationships with providers, with a strong desire for their providers to know about and address their holistic health goals. While all of this may be a tall order for some more conventional medicine practices, it’s second nature for integrative, health and wellness professionals.

It’s been important to us to serve alongside health and wellness professionals in their pursuit of better health for their clients. And as we’ve partnered with you, our customers, in the evolution of your businesses, our business also continues to evolve. 

We’re excited to finally share with you Practice Better’s new brand expression that we feel better reflects who we are, what we do, and who we serve. 

Here’s the story of our brand evolution led by Elizabeth Gladney, VP of Marketing, and her vision for this work. 

Our decision to refresh the Practice Better brand identity was driven by the realization that our marketing needed to truly reflect the incredible product we’ve built and the very important community we serve. For our team, a strong brand identity is not just a symbol or a name; it’s the embodiment of our vision, our mission, and the unique value we offer. We worked closely with a fabulous Toronto-based design firm to guide this effort and, after months of hard work, we couldn’t be more proud of where we landed.

Part 1: Reflection

We needed to look back in order to look forward.

We started this process by speaking with our cherished customers to learn what Practice Better represented to them. Your passion to help people live better and healthier lives inspires us. We exist solely to support you and your clients to be more successful in having impact and living better lives. 

In order to show up for our customers in meaningful ways, we frequently reflect on the role you play in the ever-changing healthcare landscape. Here are a few of the many important discoveries that came out of our most recent customer research:

  • “Health” is a word we all understand. However, our experience, expectation, and relationship with it increasingly feels out of balance.
  • Clients and patients have been taught to outsource health outcomes, over-relying on “after the fact” treatments or prescriptions.
  • The community we serve is striving for a shared, proactive vision toward health.
  • Because time, research, and resources are invested into only one side of healthcare, it’s easy for our community of wellness professionals to feel isolated, alone and overwhelmed.
  • Our community struggles to balance impact and practice admin.

Our reflection led to a big epiphany: the Practice Better brand was in need of a refresh to more closely represent our dedication to rebalancing the health of your clients and your business.

Part 2: Design

Meet the refreshed and renewed Practice Better

We have been (and always will be) fully committed to expanding the reach, capacity, and impact of health practitioners who are pursuing better health for their clients. Our new brand reflects that commitment even more clearly. 

A new logo that honors your craft and impact

Our new logo still puts “better” front and center, while giving equal billing to what you do every day: practice your unique craft.

Our brand mark (the two spheres) also serves as an anchoring visual reminder of two important truths:

  1. It represents your dedication to helping your clients rebalance their health. 
  2. It represents our commitment to helping you find a more sustainable balance between your work and your personal life. 

Refreshed icon, same amazing app 

You’ll notice a new icon and logo when you and your clients access the Practice Better app. The experience will continue to be supportive and intuitive even as it continues to evolve over time. 

Comparing Practice Better logo before and after on a smartphone screen.

Green is still our North Star 

Our primary brand color will continue to be green. We originally chose green as a symbol of growth and renewal, and it continues to strongly represent optimism, hope, and balance. 

You’ll see that we’ve added a few new green hues to the palette to round out our tried-and-true original color. We’ve also added some complementary colors to the mix that represent inspiration and optimism.

New Practice Better brand colors

A polished new website

You’ll see our renewed brand vibe permeating our website. We always want to put our best face forward in our blog where we host all content related to running your health and wellness business – from business-building content to case studies to showcasing new software features and explaining how they power your business.

Part 3: What’s Next

Rebalancing health, one practice at a time

Even though our brand looks a little different going forward, one thing hasn’t changed: we’re committed to continue removing the barriers to “better” for you and your clients. And that means better tools, better support, better relationships, better business, and better health.

We believe our new look is a stronger reflection of who we are at our core and the innovations we are excited to continue offering you and your clients. 

We hope you like what you see!

In health,


Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer

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