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Therapist comforting a client by holding their hands in a supportive gesture during a counseling session.

Your Mental Health Practice Management Software Should Offer These 4 Things

Published December 08, 2023

If you’re evaluating mental health practice management software you’ve likely already concluded that jumping between multiple systems to run your practice wastes a lot of…

Planning for the New Year: How to Set and Hit Your Goals

Published December 07, 2023

Practice Better Integrates That Clean Life, Further Empowering Health and Wellness Professionals

Published December 05, 2023

A person's perspective while relaxing with their legs crossed on a coffee table, holding a white cup of steaming coffee, with a blurred tablet in the background, suggesting a peaceful break or leisure time. Prepare for time off.

How to Prepare Your Practice For Time Off

Published December 01, 2023

Two health and wellness professionals collaborating over a laptop in a modern cafe setting, reflecting the communal growth and client-focused approach of Practice Better's platform.

HIPAA Compliance for Virtual Private Practices: Your Complete Guide

Published November 30, 2023

Practitioner meeting clients in a group call

Using Online Programs to Help Clients Improve Their Oral Health with Heather Ling Medeiros, RDH

Published September 12, 2022

Fixed-Date Programs

Published February 24, 2022

Solid Infrastructure for Business Growth and Success with Debbie Juda

Published February 15, 2022

Setting Client Expectations for Success

Published November 04, 2021

The New Way of Building a Practice vs. The Way It’s Always Been Done

Published October 25, 2021