Using Zoom With Practice Better

August 04, 2021

Updated: January 28, 2022

Offering virtual sessions for your practice allows both you and your clients more flexibility as both parties can comfortably join from a location of their choice. You can run solo and group sessions with our Zoom integration in order to offer a wider range of services to your clients and subsequently grow your practice.

With our Zoom integration, you can conveniently schedule group sessions to suit the needs of your practice. You can create recurring availabilities for classes you offer regularly, schedule private group sessions for any one-off classes, and organize workshops you’d like to offer. You can easily schedule group sessions within your fixed-date programs as well.

Once a group session has been scheduled, our Zoom integration will automatically generate Zoom meeting links for you. This will save you time, as you will no longer need to manually share them with each client individually.

Group session details page that includes an auto-generated link to the Zoom meeting.

To learn more about scheduling group sessions, click here!

Once these group sessions have been scheduled, there are a few ways you and your clients can join your Zoom session.

When clients register for your group class, they will automatically be sent a confirmation email that contains details such as the date and time, along with the Zoom details to join the session. If they’d like, they can easily join your group session by clicking on the Zoom link directly from their confirmation and/or reminder email notification.

Because clients can join a group session directly from their email, they do not need to be given access to the Client Portal nor do they need their own Zoom account. In this way, our Zoom integration works great for one-off workshops and coaching sessions, as you may not want to invite or add all clients to your portal if you don’t anticipate working with them again in the future. This also saves your clients the extra step of having to create a Zoom account just to attend your one-off workshop.

A confirmation email for a group session.

Because Zoom integrates directly with Practice Better, both you and your clients also have the option of joining your Zoom session directly from your respective portals or from the mobile app to allow for a seamless experience. This way, neither you nor your clients will have to log into Zoom to find the details of your group class together or the link to join.

Joining a Zoom Session from the Client Portal.

Zoom also allows you to record your sessions, making it easy for you to upload your sessions to YouTube or Vimeo for attendees to watch a replay. This is useful if you are running group sessions within a program, as you may embed your recorded session in a program’s upcoming module for your clients to review. You can also repurpose your content and use clips of your sessions to promote your practice on social media.

Embedding a video into a program’s module.

To learn more about adding group sessions to a program, click here!

Whether it’s for ongoing classes, workshops, or sessions within a program that you offer, group sessions are a great way to encourage your clients to engage with one another. Our Zoom integration makes it convenient for you to schedule these sessions, and allows you and your clients to join comfortably from anywhere in the world.

To learn more about our Zoom integration, click here!

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