How to Let Your Niche Guide Your Content Creation

September 23, 2021

One of the most common pieces of business advice you’ll encounter is identifying your ideal client and niche. While it can take time to best understand how you want to specialize your focus, once you are informed about who your ideal client is, you will be able to apply this understanding to all that you do in your business. Marketing your business in a way that speaks directly to your prospective ideal client will make your efforts more effective and streamlined. How can we use an established niche to support our marketing efforts and guide our content creation?

To help direct us on how to let our niche guide our content, we invited Stephanie Long, business coach for nutritionists, to ideate on how to take direction from your ideal client to create niche-specific content. Stephanie walks us through what it means to niche and the importance of doing so. From here, Stephanie provides a strategy on how to come up with “content pillars”, a strategy that helps generate ideas for content based upon knowing your target audience and niche. Stephanie breaks down how to incorporate content pillars into your marketing strategy to effectively reach and speak to your ideal client, gaining exposure from a qualified audience for your business.

What We Covered

  • What is niching and why should you niche
  • How to get clear on your niche
  • Why creating niche-specific content is important
  • How to come up with your content pillars
  • How to use your content pillars in your marketing strategy

Implement Stephanie’s Strategies in Practice Better

Firstly, Stephanie encourages you to get clear on who your niche is. Pay attention to the words and language current clients use to describe their health and wellbeing. What language are they using to describe their current pain points and struggles? Make use of the Form Summary Report to view multiple form submissions at once. An intake form or questionnaire will likely give indications of where your ideal client is starting in their health journeys. Introducing a feedback form with current clients will provide insight into how your support and guidance have benefited them and provide you verbiage on how to market the type of transformations you can provide.

Once you are clear on the challenges your ideal client faces and how working with you can benefit their lives, you can begin to think about how you can incorporate content into your practice as part of your services and offerings. Programs and protocols are a great way to share engaging content. You can begin to market these offerings using the language you’ve learned through analyzing different forms.

Stephanie’s strategy requires taking a look into how your content can help provide valuable insight into your niche client’s pain points and how you can offer a solution. As a way to generate leads into your business, the Program feature can be used to create and run a free challenge. This is a great opportunity to take what you’ve learned from identifying your niche and apply it in a way that demonstrates just how well you understand your prospective clients. You can address their specific pain points and offer them beneficial outcomes in a way that truly resonates with them because you understand their language and unique needs.

Stephanie suggests occasionally polling your audience to learn directly from them what they believe could be helpful. Consider sending a broadcast to your current clients with a short link to a public form that polls your community on what they want to see from you. This is another great opportunity to use the Form Summary Report to analyze the answers and determine how you can shape your content around the needs of your niche.

Better Business Conversations with Stephanie Long

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Video Duration: 40 minutes

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About Stephanie

Stephanie Long is a Business Coach for Nutritionists and host of the Next Level Nutrition Biz podcast. She teaches students, recent grads, and new nutritionists how to start and grow a nutrition business through her step-by-step signature program Launch Your Nutrition Biz, and gives industry-specific advice and intentional marketing and growth strategies inside her membership, Next Level Nutrition Biz Collective.

Connect with Stephanie Long: Website | Instagram

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