"Practice Better came to be from a place of need."

Hi, I’m Nathalie, Holistic Nutritionist.

I created Practice Better because I needed a simpler way of building a practice and managing my clients without burning myself out! I saw a need for such a tool even before I graduated from nutrition school. This need was only amplified with every new client.

We all want more clients, but each new client meant hours more of admin time and it was reducing my hourly rate. This is the last thing anyone wants.

My partner, the always-thinking, smart IT guy quickly asked if others were going through these same difficulties and overloaded by busy work.

As far as I was concerned, every practitioner that I had worked with, shadowed, or studied with was bogged down by paperwork and often working out of multiple locations. He sprung into problem-solving mode and we began laying the groundwork for what is now Better.

Don’t get me wrong, there are many great tools and apps out there to help you build your practice, but the majority of them are costing us money (sometimes quite a bit) and don’t always provide all the services we need in one place.

We wanted to give you everything you need to save yourself time and money and easily manage your practice from one secure location.

Are you…
  • Spending too much time going back and forth with clients?
  • Still doing your invoicing one at a time in a Word document?
  • Chasing clients down to book follow-up sessions?
  • Working out of more than one location?
  • Contacted by clients while you’re away from their files?
  • Finding it difficult to keep clients accountable?
  • Wasting time on busy work / paperwork?
  • Storing confidential information in a non-secure manner?
  • Using multiple services to manage records, bookings and payments?
  • Working with clients who lose papers you give them (protocols, supplement lists, etc)?
  • Paying someone else to manage any of the above tasks?