Ashley Wulkan is a Clinical Nutritionist and Herbalist best known for her expertise in addressing gut issues such as IBS, IBD, and SIBO.

When Nutritionist Ashley Wulkan embarked on her journey to change lives through nutrition and herbal remedies, her focus was solely on her clients’ well-being. However, the chaos of managing hundreds of Word documents on her desktop soon became overwhelming, and she knew she needed a more organized approach to her practice. 

After exploring various tools for practice management, scheduling, and nutrition planning, Ashley discovered Practice Better, a game-changing platform that had it all and propelled her nutrition business to all new heights.

Expanding her impact by taking her business online 

With the help of Practice Better, Ashley effortlessly transitioned from an in-person clinic practice to a virtual practice, allowing her to support more clients worldwide. Without geographical constraints, she has been able to scale her business. Ashley loves the freedom and flexibility it offers for both her and her clients.

With a growing practice, Ashley doesn’t have time to deal with administrative burdens. Practice Better lightens her load with easy invoicing and automatic payment processing. Clients like that they can easily pay for packages in installments to spread their investment over time.

Setting clients up for success from day one with a professional onboarding experience

From seeing hundreds of clients over the years, Ashley has learned you never get a second chance to make a first impression. That is why she has focused on building a great onboarding experience for her clients. 

Form templates allow Ashley to tailor her onboarding approach to each client’s unique needs. With the ability to easily select and send specific forms, Ashley is able to lay the foundation for personalized care right from the start. Ashley’s booking page has a custom URL and branded sign-in page, which elevates her client experience, instilling confidence and trust with every interaction. 

Easier scheduling means more clients booked

Ashley relies on Practice Better’s scheduling functionality to ensure a seamless and professional booking experience. She can effortlessly manage appointments, whether she’s scheduling them herself or empowering clients to book independently. 

With Practice Better, Ashley has the flexibility to set specific office hours, allocate appointment types to designated days or times, and coordinate across multiple office locations.

She has automated every aspect of appointment management – from confirmations to reminders, cancellations, and rescheduling – sparing Ashley the hassle of manually sending reminder emails and enabling her to focus wholeheartedly on delivering exceptional care to her clients.

Better client communication means better client outcomes

Ashley knows strong communication is foundational to her practice. With Practice Better’s chat feature, she fosters a direct line of communication with her clients, empowering them to ask questions and report progress. This ongoing dialogue has not only strengthened personal connections but also ensures that no client question goes unanswered. The result is clients who feel supported and cared for every step of the way. 

Delivering powerful nutrition and supplement guidance with ease 

The Food & Mood Journal within Practice Better has transformed the way Ashley’s clients track their dietary habits. Clients can upload meal photos directly through their client portal, which allows for more accurate reporting. Ashley provides timely feedback on journal entries to keep clients engaged, motivated, and on track toward their goals.

Nutrition and supplement guidance is a big part of Ashley’s impactful work, which makes Practice Better’s integrations with That Clean Life and Fullscript key. With the ability to embed recipes directly into client protocols and facilitate easy supplement ordering, Ashley empowers her clients with nutrition and supplement guidance that supports their wellness journeys.

Less admin work means Ashley can focus on doing what she loves 

Gone are the chaotic days of managing hundreds of Word documents on her desktop, feeling overwhelmed and disorganized. With strong systems and processes now in place, Ashley has been able to redirect her focus back toward delivering exceptional care, driving meaningful outcomes for her clients, and growing her business. 

Ashley’s Top Features

“Using Practice Better, it’s extremely easy for me to create session notes for myself, notes to share with the client, and recommendations. It’s simple to build protocols, give nutrient and hydration targets, foods to include or reduce, and provide supplement recommendations.”

Ashley Wulkan

Clinical Nutritionist & Herbalist


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