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We’re optimistic about the potential for AI to help health and wellness professionals have an even greater positive impact on their clients’ lives. We also recognize that this field of technology is new and evolving rapidly. Working with AI comes with many challenges and opportunities. So we’re approaching this work with consideration and care.

Read more about our commitments to our customers below. ↓


First, we’re guided by our Responsible Development Principles. We developed these principles to help us stay true to our core mission and values, even as we explore new and exciting ways to deliver on that mission for our customers.


Second, we’re committed to finding ways to use AI in our platform that directly benefit our customer and their work with their clients.

That means we actively explore ways to use AI to save them time, streamline their workflow, and automate routine yet time-consuming and repetitive tasks. By increasing efficiency, we help our customers focus more on doing what they love best — serving and supporting their clients.

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We’re committed to ensuring the well-being and trust of our customers, their clients, and our partners. We’re dedicated to walking this path in a way that upholds our responsibilities and ensures that the integration of AI into our platform is both seamless and beneficial.


Our first step into AI is the introduction of the AI Charting Assistant, a game-changing tool that securely summarizes telehealth sessions.

AI Charting Assistant is designed to help health and wellness professionals save valuable time by providing quick summaries and action items from session recordings, which can be seamlessly integrated into notes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the AI Charting Assistant?

The AI Charting Assistant is comprised of AI Summary and AI Dictation

AI Summary records, transcribes, and summarizes Practice Better Telehealth sessions and Zoom 1:1 sessions. 

AI Dictation is a speech-to-text tool that captures accurate and secure notes while you talk.  

Both AI Summary and AI Dictation are HIPAA compliant.

Does AI Summary work with both Practice Better Telehealth and the Zoom integration?

Yes. The AI Summary add-on records, transcribes, and summarizes Practice Better Telehealth sessions. The AI Charting Assistant summarizes Zoom 1:1 sessions.

How much does this add-on cost?

You can enable this add-on if you are on the Starter Plans and up.

The pricing is based on usage, and you will be billed based on the number of AI credits consumed. 2 AI credits = 1 minute of AI Summary usage.

Your first 600 minutes are free; after that, each AI credit costs $0.005, which translates into $0.01/min. 

You can estimate the cost of this add-on based on your usage on the pricing page of the Practice Better website.

How will I be billed?

The pricing is set up as usage-based (cost per minute), and based on the number of minutes used in your last billing cycle, you’ll be billed accordingly. 

Example: Say your monthly billing date is the 25th of the month. The number of AI credits you use between October 25 and November 24 will be billed on November 25.

Will I receive a statement for this usage?

A line item will be added to your monthly subscription invoice. You can view and download your usage report (CSV format) from the invoice details page.

Can I try this add-on for free?

Yes. Your first 600 minutes are free.

Will I be notified when I’m approaching the 600-minute limit?

Yes. There will be a usage meter that appears in the bottom left corner of your portal, so you can track your free trial usage there. We will also show you a notification in the platform when you’ve reached 90% of your free trial credit limit.

Why would I use this add-on if I already use Zoom AI Companion?

Practice Better’s AI Charting Assistant produces summaries and action items directly into your client-centered workflow by using your favorite note templates and integrating them into your notes. You can also choose your own preferred style of note format, including SOAP. The AI Charting Assistant is built specifically for practitioners like you and is deeply integrated into how you run your practice.

How long does it take for the summaries and action items to be added to the session summary?

Summaries and action items for Practice Better Telehealth Sessions will show up within a few minutes.

Summaries and action Items for 1:1 Zoom sessions will appear within X minutes of the recording being available on Zoom.

For Team Plans, does each practitioner get 600 minutes for free?

No, the trial credits are shared across your team.

For Team Plans, will the team owner be notified when the team is approaching the 600-minute trial limit?

The team owner will receive an email and in-app alert when they reach 90% of their free AI credit allotment.

Is my data safe and secure?

Yes. The AI Charting Assistant is HIPAA, PHIPA, PIPEDA & GDPR-compliant.

Are all telehealth sessions recorded automatically?

No, telehealth sessions are not recorded automatically. You can enable recording on session start. From your portal, go to Settings & Preferences > Telehealth and Messaging. 

Are all telehealth sessions audio-recorded, video-recorded, or both?

There has been no change to how Zoom 1:1 Sessions are recorded. Zoom will provide both a Speaker View recording and an audio recording.

Practice Better telehealth recordings are recorded in audio format only.

Can I share the recording and/or transcript with my clients?

Yes. If you wish to share the recording and/or transcript, you can download the audio or transcription file and share it with them directly. 

Are the AI summaries integrated into my session notes?

Yes. You can integrate summaries into session notes.

When creating a note template, you can add placeholders for the session summary and action items. This will automatically pull session summaries and action items into new notes that have an associated recording.

You can also add a session summary to existing in-progress notes. Enabling this option will append the session summary to an existing note if you started one before or during your session.

An automation option has also been added to automatically create notes for recorded telehealth sessions. This automation can be customized to be used only for specific services, and you can select which note template you want to use for the generated note. 

How do I set up that automation?

Go to My Practice > Automations, and click Create Notes for a recorded telehealth session.

Do clients get access to the summary automatically?

You can choose to share notes in their entirety or just certain sections with clients, as with all notes.

What languages does this support?

The following languages are currently supported for recording and transcription:

Dutch, English, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, and Ukrainian.

Currently, summaries and action items are supported in English.

Can I disable the AI Charting Assistant?

You can turn the AI Charting Assistant off and on as you like.

You can find detailed information and step-by-step instructions to support use of AI Summary here and for AI Dictation here

If you have additional questions or need further assistance, please contact our support team.

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