How Dr. Jake Behrens Streamlined Patient Care and Built a Thriving Practice

Driven by a desire to alleviate the burdensome administrative tasks that impeded patient care, Psychiatrist Dr. Jake Behrens embarked on a mission to revolutionize his practice. 

Specializing in Adult ADHD, Psychiatrist Dr. Jake Behrens observed the toll of traditional methods on patients’ personal and professional lives. Determined to create a more efficient and patient-centric model, Dr. Behrens set out to find the perfect EHR. 

After demoing over 20 different electronic health records and other software, Dr. Behrens came across Practice Better. He was able to dive in right away with a 14-day free trial and immediately fell in love with the automation capabilities, integration options, and patient mobile app. He discovered a unique feature set that enabled him to work more efficiently while also facilitating closer connections between patient and provider outside of appointments.

A more efficient practice with a steady stream of new clients 

New clients are imperative to the growth of Dr. Behrens’ business. He has leveraged Practice Better’s marketing capabilities to attract clients, using lead magnets, feedback forms, and scheduling landing pages to streamline the patient acquisition process.

A lean, technology-driven practice that prioritizes patient care and accessibility

With Practice Better, Dr. Behrens has achieved his vision for a lean, technology-driven practice that prioritizes patient care and accessibility. By automating administrative tasks and leveraging the platform’s versatility, he’s fostered a more connected and efficient patient experience. His success serves as a testament to the transformative power of the right EHR in modern healthcare delivery.

“I wanted the ability to think outside the box of typical medical practices by creating higher-touch content for patients. Practice Better let me imagine new ways to interact and provide more scalable offerings.”

Dr. Jake Behrens


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