How Fiona Groves Took Her Personal Training Business Online to Expand Her Impact and Income

Fiona Groves is a multifaceted Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, and Eating Psychology Coach. 

As the pandemic swept through the world, Personal Trainer Fiona Groves faced the daunting reality of gyms closing down and no opportunities for in-person coaching. Fiona knew that the only way out was through. So with determination and adaptability, she embarked on a mission to transition her business online. The first step was to find a practice management software that would provide the right tools to help her transition her business online. 

Translating an in-person coaching program into a powerful online experience

When Fiona discovered Practice Better, she knew she had found a partner who could help her redefine her personal training business and meet her client’s needs in a rapidly changing world. 

With an intuitive platform, Fiona seamlessly translated her in-person coaching program into a dynamic online experience, offering clients a comprehensive suite of resources from video coaching sessions to workout links, online check-ins, and food journals, all accessible from within their client portal

Fully set up in just a few days

Guided by Practice Better’s responsive customer service team, Fiona swiftly set up her program in a matter of days. With robust tools at her disposal, she’s been able to empower clients to embark on a journey of self-discovery and holistic wellness, fostering a positive relationship with food and nurturing mind-body connections.

“In the past I wasn’t using software so it was very tedious and not as interactive with coaching through emails, texts, shared docs, etc. Investing in Practice Better was the best thing I could have done!”

Fiona Groves

Personal Trainer

Now serving clients worldwide and thriving

As Fiona’s journey unfolds post-pandemic, her practice has been positively transformed forever. With a practice management platform that acts as her personal assistant, and no geographic constraints, the opportunities for Fiona’s business are now limitless.

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