Manage better.
Scale better.
Practice better.

We empower health and wellness professionals to help their clients live better lives. And we’re growing. Come join us.


We’re on a mission to empower health and wellness professionals to help millions of clients live better lives.


We’re on our way to becoming the #1 all-in-one platform for health and wellness professionals and their clients.

Life at Practice Better


Practice Better is powered by people who care deeply about each other and what we can accomplish together.


The platform is the beating heart of our company. It all starts with a product that helps our customers grow.


We believe people should be free to work where and how they work best. We’re remote-first, distributed, and offer office space if you want it.

Practice Better runs on TRUST


People make better decisions when they’re equipped with the facts. We default to openness and honesty in all our affairs — with employees, customers, prospects, investors, and candidates. We share knowledge, data, reasoning, plans, and results, across teams, roles, and functions, so that everyone is empowered to do the right thing — and to know why it’s the right thing to do.


We aim for the best possible outcomes, not just the most expedient path. Our goal is to solve real problems for real people, not just to sell software that executes a series of tasks. We’re here to grow practices, not processes. We align our goals with our customers’ goals so we can grow and succeed together.


We stay close to our customers so we can solve for their happiness, growth, and success. We build simplicity, empathy, and accessibility into our products and processes first, always relying on customer voices and real user data to improve our software, systems, and support.


Complexity creates confusion. We strive for simplicity and remove needless complexity whenever we can. We edit our thinking and processes until we arrive at a solution that’s unambiguous, actionable, and direct. We absorb complexity and pass along clarity to others.


We foster an inclusive and collaborative environment that encourages each other to grow and improve. We embody a growth mindset, approaching our work with curiosity and accountability, ambition and heart. We solve for our customer, company, and team — in that order.

Our Tech Stack


We each get to choose the operating system that we love best.


We invest In tools to keep us connected, aligned, and on the right track.

Benefits and Perks

From unlimited vacation to professional development, our benefits and perks are investments in you. We want to empower you to grow, learn, and know you fully belong.


We know you’re happier and more productive when you can find your own balance between work and life.


Each employee gets $1000/year to develop a new skill, attend a conference, take a course, or read a new book.


We run regular team events that include a stipend for you to use at your favorite lunch spot, wherever you are.


$500/year to set up and kit out your home office space the way that will support you the best.


Health coverage starts from Day 1, and includes generous vision and dental coverage.


$750/year to support your health & wellness activities and pursuits. Get out there!

Interviewing with Practice Better

We follow a straightforward and predictable interview process that optimizes for transparency and reduces unconscious bias.


Recruiter Phone Screen

Hiring Manager Interview

Panel Presentation

Final Interview


Growth Mindset

High Accountability

We versus Me

Ambitious & Action-Oriented

Open Positions

Business Operations

Business Operations Lead

Remote Canada & US

Engineering, Product & Design

Senior Full Stack Developer, Integrations

Remote Canada & US

Senior Full Stack Developer, Core

Remote Canada & US

Senior Full Stack Developer, Growth

Remote Canada & US

Senior Site Reliability Engineer

Remote Canada & US

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