Emily Harris’ Business is Thriving, and So Are Her Clients

Emily Harris is a Naturopath and founder of Indigo Wellbeing, which supports clients with chronic eczema and topical steroid withdrawal.

As Naturopath Emily Harris embarked on her entrepreneurial journey, she encountered the familiar struggle of piecing together disparate platforms for online booking, clinical note-taking, and document storage. The inefficiency of this disjointed approach left her feeling disorganized and hindered her ability to provide optimal care to her clients.

Discovering a better workflow

Emily’s workflow took a turn for the better after discovering Practice Better, a game-changing platform that revolutionized her practice and paved the way for a more streamlined and efficient approach. 

Armed with Practice Better’s intuitive interface, Emily seamlessly constructed templates for protocols, notes, dietary guidance, and lifestyle recommendations, laying the foundation for an optimized clinical practice that fulfilled her needs, but more importantly – the needs of her clients.

A seamless, more organized client experience

From when Emily’s potential clients visit her website to book their first consultation to when they receive their protocols, the experience is seamless. Clients can easily see Emily’s availability at a glance, schedule an appointment, and make a payment. Intake forms and onboarding instructions are sent automatically when clients book, without Emily having to do a thing. Clients love the experience they get through their client portal and mobile app and are always prepared for their sessions. 

Powerful protocols at scale

Emily’s impact hinges upon effective client protocols. Practice Better’s protocol feature has helped Emily empower her clients to take responsibility for their health. She uses the Food & Mood Journal to help clients track their intake and connect what they are eating to how they feel.

“I love to write a comprehensive protocol ensuring the client is informed and empowered. Food and lifestyle journals make the experience interactive in real-time, offering accountability between appointments, and the built-in messaging keeps my communication with clients in one place, so I’m not having to reply to emails, social media DMs, and phone calls.”

Emily Harris


Better communication means happier, more successful clients. 

Through secure messaging, Emily is able to offer her clients real-time feedback as they progress to keep them engaged and on track. In Practice Better, she keeps her client communication organized in one place so she does not have to reply to emails, social media direct messages and phone calls. 

A growing business and thriving clients

With Practice Better’s steadfast support, Emily has not only transformed her practice into a well-oiled machine but has also created a nurturing environment where her business grows and her clients thrive.

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