The better solution

Practice Better is a secure, cloud-based practice management software designed to save you time and help you manage your practice like a pro.

Booking & Invoicing

Save hours and reduce time spent emailing and calling clients to set up appointments. Customize your availability for each service and allow your clients to request sessions directly from their Client Portal. You have the final say to either confirm or decline requests. Use out-of-office notifications to ensure clients don’t request sessions while you’re away.

It doesn’t end here–you can also create invoices, process payments and set up recurring payments for your packages and services.

Fillable Forms & Waivers

Take the hassle out of managing forms and waivers. Practice Better lets you easily create beautiful forms and waivers ONCE to be used over and over again.

The best part is there is no more digging through your hard drive searching for files to print or email—when you add a client, just check the boxes of the forms you need completed. We’ll send them a reminder to fill out the forms, and you’ll get a notification once they’re completed.

Even better, clients can fill out their forms and sign waivers from any device. No more printing and handling loose papers (unless you want to of course)!

Protocols & Recommendations

Do you have a specialty or a niche clientele? Practice Better lets you create protocol and lifestyle recommendation templates for health concerns that you routinely encounter. You can easily modify these templates to meet your clients’ individual needs.

Include supplements from our database of over 60,000 popular dietary health products, complete with ingredient details and recommended dosages. Automatically create corresponding Fullscript prescriptions from your protocols when you link your Fullscript account.

Save time by using our lifestyle recommendation bank curated by other wellness professionals.

24/7 access to files and records

Never be away from your files again! Access your client records from any internet-connected device, whether you’re at home or at the clinic.

Uncompromised security

Practice Better complies with HIPAA and PIPEDA standards, so you can rest assured that your all your data and sensitive information is safe and secure.

Record & manage sessions

Keep your sessions organized, timestamped and easily accessible in compliance with your regulatory body. Practice Better is the only way to take notes, link protocols and documents for every session.

Telehealth Video Chat

Run your next video session right in Practice Better for secure and convenient coaching. No more sending clients to external apps or links–it’s all in one place.

Messaging & Notifications

Use Secure Chat with your clients as a great way to stay connected. Get Instant Alerts when your clients complete tasks and setup appointments.

Tasks & Reminders

Send your clients reminders and receive confirmations for upcoming sessions. You can also create tasks for yourself and your clients to complete.

Track client progress

Give your clients access to food and lifestyle journals so you both can track food, mood, bowel movements, sleep and weight. Set goals, review and flag entries to discuss in future sessions.

Google Drive & Dropbox

Conveniently share files with clients from your favorite storage providers by linking Practice Better to your Google Drive and Dropbox accounts.

Branding & Customization

Add an extra touch of professionalism to your practice by letting your clients see your logo and brand colors when they log into their Client Portal.

Practice Better gives your clients the confidence of having you with them wherever they are.

Important information at a glance

On their homepage, clients will see an overview of current protocol, personalized lifestyle recommendations, appointment reminders and notifications.

Book and confirm sessions

Clients can request sessions based on your services and availability. They’ll be able to confirm upcoming sessions or request to reschedule if needed. Use your public bookings to accept bookings from new clients.

Tasks and booking reminders

Clients will receive notifications for upcoming sessions. If clients are due for a follow-up session, you can also send them reminders to book their next appointment.

Easy access to recommendations

Clients can access your professional recommendations from any device. Protocols clearly indicate the what, how, how much, when and why so clients are no longer guessing or trying to remember what was discussed in their last session.

Client accountability

Clients are encouraged to track food, mood and lifestyle habits to help keep them accountable and on track.  Knowing that you can see their daily journal entries provides clients with additional accountability.

Complete forms online

Clients can fill, sign and submit forms and waivers directly from any device. They will also be reminded of forms that still need to be completed.