Matt Hoffman on Finding the Right Practice Management Partner for More Work-Life Balance

Matt Hoffman is a seasoned certified health coach and physical therapist with an impressive track record of over 12 years in the field. 

Amidst the demands of his busy practice, Health Coach and Physiotherapist Matt Hoffman found himself yearning for more time with his family. He was concerned about the administrative workload, which led him on a search for a solution to streamline administrative tasks and ease the burden. Matt needed a simple, stress-free way to onboard clients, handle consent forms, complete payments, and schedule programs. 

Finding the perfect practice management partner 

Matt explored various platforms for wellness practice management but eventually discovered the perfect solution with Practice Better. It had the administrative features he had been searching for and more, including client onboarding, consent forms, payments, and scheduling. Matt also loved that Practice Better had group program functionalities to help him package his knowledge into repeatable courses to better help his clients at scale.

Eliminating the need for an administrative assistant  

Practice Better has become a strategic partner in growing Matt’s client base and establishing a steady stream of recurring revenue. As his “virtual assistant sidekick,” Practice Better helps Matt support his health coaching and physical therapy clients. For Matt, the journey has truly just begun, and Practice Better is a key ally in his growth.

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