Rhyan Geiger’s Journey to a More Efficient, Confident, and Organized Dietetics Practice

Award-winning Dietitian and two-time author Rhyan Geiger knew she needed a better way to run her private practice.

As a busy Registered Dietitian with a growing private practice, it became clear to Rhyan Geiger that she needed a better way to keep her practice organized, work more efficiently, and deliver client care with confidence.

Rhyan’s work centers around her signature program, so an EHR with a program feature was a must. She also needed a way to book discovery calls, onboard new clients, give supplement recommendations, and deliver nutrition plans.

Her wishlist was long, but Practice Better was able to check all the boxes and more. Since joining in 2018, Practice Better has revolutionized Rhyan’s workflow, helping her operate and grow her practice to an all-new level.

Building a signature program that scales  

Rhyan’s private practice is built around her signature program called “Going Vegan” which supports clients with the fundamental principles of vegan nutrition and lifestyle. This program allows Rhyan to package lessons into a repeatable program and streamline patient care.

Using Practice Better’s programs feature, Rhyan was able to build out a repeatable nutrition program with ease. Clients can work through the program modules in their client portal and then meet with Rhyan twice per month for additional support. Rhyan can quickly check in with clients weekly using the in-app messaging feature, which provides secure, HIPAA-compliant communication that ensures her clients feel supported throughout their journeys.

“Practice Better helps me stay organized and have better peace of mind, allowing me to put more effort into my actual clients instead of software or systems that don’t work.”

Rhyan Geiger

Registered Dietitian

Client acquisition on autopilot 

With the foundation of her program set up, it was now time to fill it with clients. Getting new clients is crucial for any dietitian looking to grow their business and impact. With Practice Better, Rhyan continuously grows her clientele by making it easy for potential clients to book a discovery call where they can ask questions and learn more about the coaching program.

After the discovery call, Rhyan can easily onboard new clients with Practice Better’s intake and onboarding template forms, ensuring an excellent client experience from day one.

Rhyan’s clients love that they get a Dietitian in their pockets. 

Once onboarded, Rhyan’s new clients gain exclusive access to their tailored client portal where they can work through the program, get access to their food journal to monitor their current dietary habits, and gradually transition to a vegan lifestyle through informed swaps. Her clients love the Practice Better mobile app, which gives them access to everything they need, wherever they are.

Rhyan further enhances client engagement by providing real-time feedback on her client’s journal entries, fostering a dynamic and interactive coaching experience that increases her client’s success.

Making nutrition and supplement recommendations with ease 

Providing clients with supplements and vegan nutrition plans is a big part of Rhyan’s work. With Practice Better’s integrations like Fullscript and That Clean Life, Rhyan can easily deliver vital supplement recommendations and provide vegan nutrition plans with any client program or protocol to further increase client success.

Now Rhyan can focus on what matters the most, serving her clients. 

For Rhyan, Practice Better isn’t just an EHR. it’s an essential companion for both her and her clients. Since adopting Practice Better, Rhyan has saved precious time and become much more effective in equipping her clients with the resources they need to succeed. With its seamless functionality and robust features, Practice Better instills confidence and enables Rhyan to focus on what matters most: guiding her clients toward optimal health and well-being.

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