Collecting Consent Ahead of Sessions

September 02, 2021

Gaining consent from clients is the first step to establishing a positive working relationship together. You can be upfront about your services and scope of practice as well as set expectations for both you and your client. This allows clients to make informed decisions about their own health and wellness when they decide to work with you.

In Practice Better, you can collect consent with a disclaimer or with a form. By adding disclaimers or forms to your bookings page, you can collect consent before your session with your client, or even before a client is ever formally entered into the system.

Disclaimers can be easily created and added to your services, packages, and programs. You can also create multiple disclaimers so that you may tailor them to each of your offerings. Once a disclaimer has been added, clients will have to acknowledge and accept them on the bookings page simply by checking a box before they can complete their booking with you.

For example, disclaimers are a great way to inform your clients of any refund or cancellation policies. You can make your clients aware of your policy before they begin working with you, and this will encourage them to notify you ahead of time if they need to reschedule or cancel their appointments.

Cancellation Policy Disclaimer when booking a session.

You can learn more about disclaimers here!

You can also create forms and waivers to collect consent from your clients. These can be built from scratch, or, you can use one of our pre-built form templates and tailor them to suit the needs of your practice. With forms and waivers, you can require clients to provide you with their signature as proof of their consent. Once they have signed, you will have a copy of their signed consent on file. Clients will likewise have a copy themselves so you can both refer to it if needed.

Aside from attaching a form to your bookings page, you can also schedule forms to send before your session with your client. This way, if you are required to disclose details such as how you’ll use and store their health information, for example, your clients can be made aware of this before their session with you.

Assumption of Risk and Release of Liability waiver sent to a client.

You can learn more about forms here!

With disclaimers and forms, you can easily collect the consent of your clients, allowing you to set expectations from the very beginning for a good client experience in the long run.

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