Powerful Nutrition Planning with That Clean Life Integration

December 05, 2023

Remember when you had to make everything from scratch? Meal plans, journal templates, each and every client treatment plan and protocol. Then, you’d have to attach the plan to your client notes, adding more charting time to your busy schedule.

Then came Practice Better, allowing you to streamline every aspect of your practice, from booking to charting to billing, and beyond.

Then came That Clean Life, which helped you create professional and delicious meal plans that clients loved, elevating your brand and practice.

And now comes the integration of Practice Better and That Clean Life to further streamline your systems by allowing you to add custom meal plans to your online courses, programs, and treatment protocols–all in one place.

We’re going to show you how. Watch the video tutorial below or keep reading for tips on how to use the integration to benefit your practice.

First, here are four main reasons why integrating your nutrition planning and practice management software makes running your business easier:

 Increased client accountability 

Before nutrition-planning software, you had no way to tell how your client was doing with your meal plan between follow-ups unless you sent them a message. Now, by integrating your meal planning with the rest of your practice, you can automate check-ins with forms, journals, and HIPAA-compliant chat, so both you and your clients can track how they’re doing. 

Also, allowing your clients to track their meals quickly and easily increases their accountability to your protocol or plan. Logging recipes straight from That Clean Life into a journal empowers you to do real-time nutritional analysis and to observe client progress. Clients get the added bonus of seeing their progress as they log their meals and adopt healthy habits.

Simple food and recipe logging  

If logging food is complicated, clients aren’t going to stick with it for very long. However, if logging food is easy, clients are more likely to track their food, see their results, and continue to follow your plan. An easy-to-use interface and searchable recipes remove the guesswork and thinking out of food logging. When healthy actions are easy and automated, it’s much more likely they’ll turn into habits.

Providing a professional, streamlined client experience

One way to increase client buy-in and trust is to have a professional-looking client interface and portal. Since That Clean Life’s recipes and platform are streamlined and beautiful, you’ve already improved your client experience by incorporating them into your practice. 

However, to further reduce any friction in the client experience, clients should have one portal they can go to for all of their recommendations and information. The alternative is lost PDFs, which you then have to send to your clients again. Instead, when the nutrition plan is seamlessly embedded into their protocol or program module, clients can access all of their treatment plan materials in one place, making your protocol or plan easier to follow. 

Saving time on admin 

No one wants to enter information in more than one place. By integrating That Clean Life and Practice Better, you save yourself the time of transferring recipes, meal plans, templates, or collections from your That Clean Life account to your client’s notes in Practice Better. A few extra clicks here and there might not sound like much at the beginning, but think about how that adds up in a day and how that time will increase as your client list grows. Introducing efficiencies in your practice now builds muscle memory that will save you hours per week on charting and note-taking in the future.  

How to integrate your That Clean Life and Practice Better accounts

Adding That Clean Life to your Practice Better account is easy, and using the integration is even easier if you’re already accustomed to using That Clean Life.

Note: you’ll need both a subscription to That Clean Life and Practice Better in order to use this integration. Don’t have both? 

How to add That Clean Life to Practice Better

Grab your integration key from your That Clean Life account by going to Settings, then choosing Integrations and clicking Generate Key.

Then, in Practice Better, under All Settings and Preferences, click 3rd Party Integration, and scroll until you find That Clean Life. Then, all you have to do is enter the integration key, and you’re set to start using That Clean Life in Practice Better.

Establish the That Clean Life Integration. Grab your integration key from your That Clean Life profile and use it to connect your account in Practice Better.
Start nutrition planning. Instantly add meal plans, collections, and recipes to protocols and programs right from your Practice Better account.
Increase client success. Watch your clients thrive as they can now access their nutrition plans right from within their Practice Better portal and easily log their intake through their Food & Mood Journal.

Including That Clean Life Recipes, Collections, and Plans in your Protocols

To add materials from That Clean Life into Practice Better protocols, simply Create a New Protocol. You can then scroll or search through thousands of recipes, meal plans, collections, and templates. The icons used in That Clean Life will appear in Practice Better, making it a smooth and familiar experience if you’re an existing That Clean Life user.

Add a nutrition plan from That Clean Life to Protocol templates in Practice Better via the That Clean Life integration.

If you click on a recipe, you’ll see its macronutrients before you add it to your Protocol. You can also use the search bar or filters, and select tags–just like you would in That Clean Life. You can select multiple recipes and add them to your Protocol at the same time.

Preview recipes before adding them to protocols in the That Clean Life Integration with Practice Better.

Note: if you’re embedding multiple recipes and collections in Protocols, Collections will be embedded separately, but recipes will be embedded together.

If your clients are familiar with recipes, meal plans, and collections in That Clean Life, they will have no problem accessing them in Practice Better–they’ll be embedded right within the protocol in their client portal. 

Including That Clean Life Recipes, Collections, and Plans in your Programs

Adding your favorite recipes or collections to an online course can help inspire clients to make healthy choices no matter how they’re working with you. A meal plan in a Program may not be as specialized as a customized meal plan, but it can help you serve many clients at once by providing a list of healthy real-food recipes that can help them jump-start, or maintain, their progress.

Embedding a meal plan, recipe, template, or collection is as easy for Programs as it is for Protocols. Within a Program Module, you can select the option to add your favorite That Clean Life resource to share with your clients.

When you choose a meal plan or collection in That Clean Life, you can preview the recipes from Practice Better through the integration.

Adding a recipe to the Food and Mood Journal in the Client Portal

For clients, tracking their meals in the Food and Mood journal has never been easier. 

Your clients can select a recipe from That Clean Life to add to their Journal if you’ve added it to their Protocols by accessing the “shared recipes” tab in the Log Food menu. Clients can easily search for all recipes that have been shared with them by their practitioner. If edits are enabled, any changes made by the practitioner to the recipe in either Practice Better or That Clean Life will be reflected in the journal.

Clients can choose the meals that are shared with them by their practitioner to add to their journal.

For those practitioners who choose not to include nutritional information in their recipes and have that setting activated in Practice Better, the recipes will not show the nutritional information to the client. 

Macronutrient ratios for recipe: feta scrambled eggs & raspberries in Practice Better's journal feature through the That Clean Life integation.

Add That Clean Life to Practice Better and increase efficiency in your practice.

Nutrition is the cornerstone of a health plan, and you want to provide the best meal plan options for your clients. One of the fastest and easiest ways to get your carefully curated recipes and meal plans to your clients is through That Clean Life. Now, with Practice Better’s  That Clean Life integration, helping your clients succeed in their nutrition journey is easier than ever. If you’re not a That Clean Life customer and you want to add meal plans to client Protocols and Notes quickly and easily, sign up today and make nutrition simple for both you and your clients. 

Practice Better is the complete practice management platform for nutritionists, dietitians, and wellness professionals. Streamline your practice and begin your 14-day free trial today.

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