About Us

Rebalancing health, one practice at a time

You’re committed to rebalancing the health and wellness of your clients. We’re committed to helping you get there.

Practice Better simplifies how you run your business so you have more time to impact more people.

Why we created Practice Better

As a holistic nutritionist starting my own practice, my goal was to help as many people as possible. Unfortunately, each new client added hours of admin work to my week, directly reducing my hourly rate and limiting my ability to scale without burning myself out. I needed an easier way of not only scheduling and billing, but building a business that could grow to support more clients. The reality was, a solution didn’t exist and that’s when my partner and I knew we needed to create Practice Better.

We knew it wasn’t enough to have multiple features and functionalities in one place. These features needed to work together, be automated, and fit seamlessly into existing workflows. We created a powerful and flexible platform that can serve as the foundation for your entire business and help both you and your clients be more successful.

My hope is that Practice Better frees you from time-stealing admin work so you can focus on making a long-lasting impact on the health and wellness of your clients.

Nathalie Garcia
Co-founder, Practice Better

Where every feature is built to have impact

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Where every feature is built to have impact

  • We help health and wellness professionals like you grow their businesses, keep clients on track, and make a difference without burning out.

  • We understand what it takes to build successful businesses and long-lasting client relationships.

  • Each and every Practice Better feature is intentionally designed with you and your clients in mind.

Who is Practice Better for?

Practice Better is for health and wellness professionals who want to work more efficiently, support clients better, and scale their businesses beyond 1:1 consultations.

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