3 Secrets to Running Online Challenges That Fill Your Coaching Programs

July 29, 2021

As a health professional, you’ve likely wondered what the best way is to turn leads into paying clients. There are so many ways to market yourself and sell your services that it can feel overwhelming at times! That’s why we invited Kathleen LeGrys, Wellness Business Coach, to join us in sharing one of the most effective ways to fill your coaching programs – free online challenges. In this session, Kathleen dives into the benefits of running online challenges, as well as shares the key to making sure your challenge participants turn into paying clients in the end.

What We Covered

  • The benefits of running challenges (and why they can work even better than webinars)

  • The ideal length for your challenge

  • How to choose the right topic or theme for your challenge to attract the RIGHT people

  • The key to making sure your challenge participants turn into paying clients (this simple formula sets your coaching program up as the next logical step for them to take)

Implement Kathleen’s Strategies in Practice Better

You can run your online challenge right in Practice Better utilizing our program feature! If you want to run a challenge in real-time, we recommend using a fixed-date program, and if you prefer to have your challenge be available to prospective clients at any time, choose the evergreen option.

You can customize your challenge using settings in Practice Better such as duration, start/end date, maximum enrollment, etc, all of which allow you to get granular with the type of challenge you want to run.

As part of your challenge, Kathleen recommends including a community forum as well as live streams each day. You can facilitate both of these in Practice Better using the group chat and by adding group sessions to your program.

Once you’ve wrapped up your challenge, Kathleen emphasizes the importance of getting feedback so you can tweak and improve your challenge for the next round. One great way to request feedback in Practice Better is by creating a custom feedback form. You can then attach your feedback form right to your final challenge module, and this will ensure it’s automatically sent out to all challenge participants as soon as that final module is made available.

Better Business Conversations With Kathleen LeGrys

Each month, our Business Success Coaches, host an interactive BBC YouTube Live, bridging together expert advice and Practice Better technology. Take a moment to watch the session with Kathleen below.

Video Duration: 37 minutes

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About Kathleen

Kathleen LeGrys is a Wellness Business Coach who helps health coaches streamline and grow their business online, so they can be more profitable and impact more lives.  She is the founder of Health Coach Solutions and the co-host of The Wellness Business Podcast. She is also the co-founder of the Wellness Business Insider’s Club, which is a training and mentorship program for wellness entrepreneurs.

Connect with Kathleen: Website | Instagram

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