5 Practice Automations to Reduce Clicks and Drive Growth

April 20, 2022

When you graduated your program, no one told you that running a practice would be filled with boring repetitive tasks like emailing or calling clients to reschedule, sending invoices or processing payments. Effective business practice says that if something is painful and repetitive and taking up important time you could be using to move your business forward, then you should outsource or automate. Fortunately, automations are an affordable way to take the pain out of this busy work.

Automations help you do more with fewer clicks, and every busy practitioner wants fewer clicks in their life. The Practice Better platform is full of automations, from snippets to booking emails and payment scheduling, we can automate huge portions of your practice. In fact, surveys of Practice Better customers show that they save, on average, four hours per week on mind-numbing administrative tasks that they can then spend on the things that matter to them, like finding new clients, designing their next group program, or spending more time at home with loved ones.

There are countless automated functions in the Practice Better platform and we encourage you to explore them all. In the meantime, here is a list of our five favourite automations that we love right now because they help thousands of health and wellness professionals love their practice.

1. Rupa Health Integration to Automatically Upload Labs to Client Notes

Transferring lab data from the provider to your client chart notes feels like one of the most needless, useless repetitive tasks, especially if you have to scan paper results and upload them to the platform. Our Rupa Health integration allows for lab results to be automatically uploaded right into Practice Better.

For practitioners from the US who use Rupa Health, this automation completely streamlines your workflow and reduces admin time when it comes to lab work as you don’t have to manually upload lab results.

But the benefits of our Rupa Health integration doesn’t stop with labs coming straight to your Practice Better account. Within the platform you will be able to view, track, annotate, and share lab result documents directly from the practitioner portal.

Here’s how this integration works (and how you can take advantage of it).

Your clients will be able to view the ordered tests and see the results within their client portal. All the labs will be added to the Labs section of the client’s record— so you don’t need to worry about searching through all the documents that you have shared to find what you are looking for. By default, clients who share the exact same name and email addresses in both the Rupa Health and Practice Better portals do not need to be manually linked together. For these clients, labs will be automatically associated with the matching clients in Practice Better.

This ensures practitioners have all of the important information they need regarding the client at their fingertips. Lab work is an important (and often essential) element in many health and wellness practices, so this Rupa integration is an automation that can save a lot of time.

Screenshot of lab interface
View, track and share Lab results directly within Practice Better

2. Refer and Earn Program to Automate Income

We love this automation because everybody wins! If you love Practice Better and it’s helped you to grow or simplify your business, then you’ve likely spoken to someone about it or mentioned it online; if you’re set-up, those referrals can turn into a source of passive income you can actually feel good about. Refer friends or colleagues to Practice Better and earn 10% on new paying users! With our Affiliate Program, you’ll receive monthly commissions for each referral who signs up for any of our paid plans. Joining the PB referral program provides the opportunity to automate part of your income!

Not only are you supporting friends and colleagues by sharing a platform that will make a big difference in their business, but you’re able to open up a new passive income stream for yourself, automatically. You will continue to receive payouts for up to 12 months of their monthly subscription cost. The process is as simple as signing up and then sharing your referral link.

Here’s how this automation works to credit you if you refer a friend or colleague:

Sign up for our referral program and get your own personalized referral link. We use cookies to track your referrals and these cookies last for 90 days after someone clicks on your link. Friends who have clicked on your affiliate link but have not yet registered will be tracked by browser cookies if they sign up at a later date and will be linked to your affiliate account.

3. Automating Market Research with the Form Response Summary Report

This next automation makes it easy to generate market research to better tailor your copywriting to your new clients. The Form Response Summary Report is a report generated in Practice Better from completed form responses. The Form Response Summary allows you to easily see common responses that clients have given to questions in your forms. When clients complete short-response questions, the report will generate a visual word cloud highlighting the most commonly used terms.

This word cloud is valuable when it comes to copywriting because it automatically generates relevant terms you can use in your marketing. The word cloud will let you learn more about your audience and how they are describing the issues and problems they come across. You can use it to better understand why your clients are seeking your help and ensure that you are highlighting what you and your practice can do to help solve those problems. If you describe someone’s complaint in the very same language they use, instead of medical terminology, they will connect with you much faster.

Screenshot of a word cloud
Generate a word cloud using the form response summary to see the most commonly used words

Here’s how this automation works to improve your copywriting (without needing to be a professional copywriter):

By visually seeing the words depicted in different sizes, you can quickly catch what’s most important to your clients. The words you use matter and using the words that your clients use will help in telling your story and ensuring you hook the reader’s attention. If you create forms to capture clients at all stages of their buying process, such as whether they’re downloading a free lead magnet, signing up to your waitlist, or booking an appointment, you have an idea of their thought process at every step of their buyer journey. As Michelle Leotta mentioned in our recent Better Business Conversation, it’s important to use your client’s words and how they would describe things in your copywriting to effectively speak to them and have your offerings resonate.

4. Program Completion Tag Automation to Organize Your Clients

Create an automation to update a client’s tags when they complete all modules in a program.

This automation will allow you to automatically organize clients based on the completion of their program, which provides you with valuable insight into client status. As a practitioner, you save so much admin time from having to manually check in with each client to see how far they have progressed. You can instead simply filter your clients by tags to gain immediate insight into who has completed all modules.

Once tags have been added to a client’s record you can use them to separate groups of clients and restrict specific team members to just these clients. This action will ensure that all clients who are seeing the team members have the knowledge from the program they completed to use in future sessions.

Tags also give practitioners the opportunity to send communication via a broadcast message to just those tagged clients who have completed all modules. This broadcast can be targeted to inform clients of the next program so that they can sign up and continue working with your team.

Here’s how this automation works:

By setting up this automation at the beginning of your program, you will have immediate intelligence on the status of your clients and their program progress. If you know who has completed their program, you can send personalized communication to check in and ensure their experience is seamless and customized to their needs.

Screenshot of program completion tag automation
Set up an automation to add a tag to a clients record when they complete a program

5. Automatically Import Completed Forms into Client Files

We hope you didn’t have to practice in a world where you had to upload paper forms via a scanner, but if you did, then we hope you’ll love our forms automation. The form automation will allow you to easily and automatically save form responses to a client’s record.

This automation allows you to skip manually copying over information into a client’s record, giving you even more free time. You can map each question to specific areas of a client record so that you find the information you seek for every client in the same place.

Here’s how this automation works:

With form mappings, you choose where in the client’s record the answers are added to ensure it fits into your workflow and client record system.

This process can be automated so that every time a form is filled out, the responses will be added to the mapped sections of the client’s record.

Screenshot of mapping client data
Map questions from your forms to different areas of a client’s record

For example, with an intake form, or even health assessment form, there are crucial pieces of information in these forms that a practitioner will need to refer to often, so having that data automatically populated into the client’s record will ensure that a practitioner like you can serve the client at the highest level by having all the information at their fingertips.

Once this automation is set up you can then choose to populate these answers into your notes. You can add placeholders within your note templates to pull information from the client’s record into the note. These placeholders can be added to all your templates to save you even more time and make full use of the automation.

We hope you learned at least one useful automation that was new to you. Please note that some of these features are specific to our Starter, Pro, Plus, and Teams plans. If you do not yet have these plans and want to automate your practice to reach your goals, provide even better client service, and still have some time left at the end of the day for yourself, check out the helpful features offered by these upgraded plans. Enjoy!

Practice Better is the complete practice management platform for nutritionists, dietitians, and wellness professionals. Streamline your practice and begin your 14-day free trial today.

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