7 Things You Need Before Investing in Facebook Ads

November 19, 2021

Whether you are a virtual practitioner or see clients in person, the internet presents an incredible opportunity to deliver your message, convey value and draw in the right clients to your business. But with the amount of ever-growing demand for your ideal audience’s attention online with everything they see, it can be difficult to stand out amongst the masses in order to properly deliver your message about who you are and what you do. Additionally, with the ever-changing algorithms, you may be inclined to explore paid advertisements on popular websites you know your clients are spending time on such as Facebook. Paid advertisements have the power to garner attention from new prospective clients. But with this additional business expense, you’ll want to take all steps necessary to ensure your paid ads are effective and drive momentum into your business. What do you need to consider within your business to ensure you have everything in place to run a successful ad? To help answer that question, we brought in Frannie Coggeshall, Entrepologist and Founder of Elevate Her Marketing, to discuss what you need to consider before running a Facebook ad.

In this session, Frannie shares the power of paid advertisements, why your business needs to be in a place that is ready to facilitate these ads successfully, and what considerations will help you determine whether or not it is the right time to introduce them into your marketing plan.

What We Covered

  • The purpose and benefit of introducing paid Facebook ads into your business
  • How to determine if paid Facebook ads are the right marketing technique for your business
  • How to gauge whether your business is in the right stage to introduce paid ads
  • Frannie’s seven considerations to consider before running your first paid ads
  • Expert insight into crafting successful ads

Implement Frannie’s Strategies in Practice Better

Frannie shared seven areas of focus to have ready prior to running ads. Doing so will ensure you are ready to invest in paid advertising and increase the likelihood that your efforts will achieve your desired result.

Of Frannie’s seven considerations, four can be supported by the Practice Better platform. Introducing these ideas into your workflow will make it easy to set yourself up for success.

  • A Successful Product

    Before increasing your reach and awareness of your business, you’ll want to ensure you have a product that motivates clients to take the next step in deciding to work with you. Whether you work one on one with clients or prefer to work with clients in group settings, Practice Better offers a variety of ways to connect with clients and deliver value. Use the various Scheduling Reports to understand what services you already offer that clients are most commonly booking. To further understand if a product is successful, it’s important to hear directly from the client. Practice Better allows you to seamlessly collect feedback from clients at any stage of your time working together. Use the Form Builder to create a short feedback survey and automate the delivery to your clients. This opens the opportunity to understand whether clients have achieved their goals and if the services and support you offered were effective for them. You’ll be able to further analyze the results by using the Form Summary Report and gain insights you can directly apply to your paid Facebook advertisements.
  • A Proper Funnel

    The sky’s the limit in how you choose to use many of the features within Practice Better, especially Programs. Practice Better allows you to create challenges that can be a free offering, spanning over a short duration of time, ideal for introducing clients into your business and funneling them toward your larger, paid offerings. Offering services for a low cost or even for free will entice a broader audience to engage with you and understand the value you provide, making it easier to invest in higher-value offerings. 

  • Get Your Tech Setup

    Similarly to having your social media accounts and tech properly set up to be able to run paid advertisements, you’ll want to ensure your Practice Better account is set up and ready to help determine the success of the Facebook ad successfully. Practice Better offers direct integration with Facebook Pixel, allowing you to track conversions from your booking page. By setting up your Facebook Pixel with Practice Better, you’ll be able to track and understand how well your services, packages, and programs are converting from your ads and other marketing efforts. Adding a SKU number to each service you offer will allow for individual reporting on each service, which can be done when setting up or editing your services.

  • Know Your Audience, Deeply

    Every form of communication and engagement with clients can inform you on who your client intrinsically is. If you have specialized and found a niche, it can be assumed that your ideal client likely shares many of the same struggles and desired health outcomes. Throughout the entire time working together, clients are providing information that will help you better reach new clients. Your first contact, whether it be through a discovery call or intake form, will often delve into the pain points or motivation behind why they chose to work with you. These are important insights that can help shape the copy of your paid advertisements! As your journey working together continues, every communication touchpoint, whether casually through the Secure Chat or a custom made check-in form created using the Form Builder, will allow you to understand the client’s experience in their own language that you can then use to effectively market your product to new prospective clients. You’ll learn how to communicate the type of transformation you can provide in a voice that suits your audience.

Better Business Conversations with Frannie Coggeshall

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Video Duration: 44 minutes

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About Frannie

Frannie is the founder of Elevate Her Marketing, a digital ad agency that helps purposeful female entrepreneurs amplify their impact and income through Facebook & Instagram Ads. After many years working for an ad agency in New York City, Frannie Coggeshall was craving more freedom and flexibility in her life and career and dove into all things digital marketing strategies and went on to start “Elevate Her Marketing”. She brings the passion, creative flair, and expertise to help run ads to help scale your business.

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