Broadcast Messages

October 28, 2021

Practice Better’s Broadcast Messages make communicating with multiple clients a breeze. They can be scheduled well in advance to ensure that your clients are always kept up-to-date, and you can even use them to promote any new offerings and promotions you may have. This will keep your clients constantly engaged and excited about you and your practice.

With Broadcast Messages, you can send messages immediately or schedule them to send ahead of time to streamline your communication process with your clients. In this way, broadcasts are great for setting up client expectations because you can give them ample notice of your availability and processes while you are away. This also allows you to easily prepare for upcoming vacations or time off. You can even schedule announcements to inform clients of your upcoming programs and promotions that are offered to generate excitement ahead of time.

Schedule when you would like a broadcast to be sent.

You can also choose how you’d like to communicate your message to your clients. For delivery methods, you can send a direct chat message, email, or both to multiple clients at once. These options also allow you to be flexible in how you send messages to clients based on their access to the portal. You can choose to send clients a direct message and you have the option to send an email to anyone who is not invited to the portal.

Choose your delivery method when sending a Broadcast.

Broadcasts also allow you to share any updates and announcements you have to multiple clients at once. This works great for large groups of clients who may be enrolled in the same program or are part of a membership. Within a program, you have the option to send a broadcast and it will automatically select all the clients enrolled in the program. If you are nearing the end of the program, this would be the perfect opportunity to offer additional services after the program concludes.

Schedule your broadcasts for your program ahead of time.

Broadcasts will make it easy for you to touch base with former clients or build stronger relationships with your current clients. When choosing the clients to whom the broadcast will be sent, you can use tags to organize and message multiple clients at once. This will allow you to easily update a select group of clients about any changes or announcements that need to be made.

For example, if you would like to re-engage former clients who have previously purchased free offerings, you can send them broadcasts to notify them of your current offerings and promotions. You can tag these clients with tags such as “Former Paid Clients” or “Prospects,” so that you know at a glance who to send your broadcast to.

As another example, if you have clients who were tagged as part of a previous program, you can send them all a broadcast to market a new service or program that you want to invite them to.

Choose which clients or tag you want to send the broadcast to.

To learn more about applying and assigning tags, click here.

Broadcasts can also be personalized by using placeholders. This way, even if you are messaging multiple clients at once, your client will always be addressed by their name. For new clients who may be hesitant to join or clients that you want to re-engage with, you can easily reach out to them and give them more information on your practice, check-in with them, and even share coupon codes to entice them to sign up for your next offering. Personalizing these messages can help to build rapport and a relationship with clients as they may feel these programs are more relevant to their needs. Personalizing broadcasts can also make the clients feel as though you know them well and that this program was made for them!

Personalize the Broadcast by using Placeholders.

To learn more about Broadcast Messages, click here.

Being able to market new products, inform clients of upcoming time away, and even let clients know about last-minute changes, can all be accomplished with broadcasts. With all these different scenarios that you can use Broadcast Messages with, this is a feature you’re going to love in your Practice.

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