Day 6 — Unplug & Connect

February 10, 2019

We created the 10-day Self-Care Challenge to remind you of simple strategies that you can use to prioritize yourself and help clients better. Day 6 is all about being present and connecting with loved ones. We challenge you to turn off your phone, close your laptop and take in all the love!

Did you know American adults spend up to 11 hours per day in front of screens? Whether it be a Netflix binge, swiping through social media, checking emails, or streaming music, we are spending more time with technology than our actual friends and family!

During the month of love, we would like to remind you that you are surrounded by just that — love.

Take some time to fill up your love tank by actually connecting with those who are the most important to you. Take an hour or two to disconnect from work, social media, your TV, and emails to focus on the here and now. Grab a coffee with an old friend, go for a walk with a family member, or get cozy with that special someone.

Go a step further…

Have you ever wondered how much screen time you’re actually getting? Try tracking your screen time. There are many apps, like Moment, that will do this for you. After about 5 days, check in with yourself. Did you find you were spending way too much time on your phone? If so, set some attainable goals to reduce your screen time, you won’t regret it.

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