Deskercise: Fitness In Your Workspace

January 09, 2020

By now, we’re sure that you’ve heard the news that sitting is the new smoking and we know how dramatic that sounds but research suggests that the average adult spends six and a half hours a day sitting! This has health experts worried because, as you know, sedentary behavior is linked to a myriad of issues – from obesity and diabetes to high blood pressure, heart disease, and more. Although this may not be new news to you and you may be well-versed on the topic from telling your own clients about it, but it can be easy to forget about yourself.  

We know you’re doing it all – seeing clients, generating leads, marketing, bookkeeping, etc. and we wanted to remind you of some easy ways to stay fit at the office throughout the day.


Never underestimate the power of a good stretch. It can alleviate pain, calm nerves, and recharge your batteries. And the best part is that it only takes a few minutes and it’s completely free and portable! So between clients or tasks on your to-do list, get up, put those arms above your head and slowly move from one side to the other. A forward fold feels nice, too. Repeat this 15 times throughout the day and if you’re someone who might forget to do this, set a timer!

Stability Ball

Being in a chair all day can be hard on your body which is where a stability ball comes in. They aren’t just a fun (think of the color options!) way to perform a mini-workout, it’s an easy and affordable alternative for a desk chair to help relieve back pain, tone core muscles, improve your balance, burn calories, and c’mon, it’s fun!


You don’t have to do long bouts of intensive exercise to stay healthy. Walking is truly one of the best and low impact activities you can do for yourself, your heart health and your mental health. Like many options in this blog, walking can reduce stress, improve mood, and burn calories… Another perk? It can get those creative juices flowing! But how do you make time for a leisurely stroll every day if you have an office job?? Try taking a stroll while taking calls or during your lunch break. When you know you’ll be on the phone, plan to lace up those sneakers and head outside for some exercise and fresh air. Dead of winter? Take a few minutes to walk around your space! Everything about this is flexible.

Alternatively, if a lot of your day is spent seeing clients, some of them might be open to walking during your session. This is, of course, industry-dependent and client-specific, but it can be worth a suggestion.

Invest in a Standing Desk

Standing desks have been a hot trend for a while now, and a lot of people swear by them. Although they can be a bit pricey, studies show standing for periods throughout the day can ease back and shoulder pain, lower blood pressure and boost productivity and alertness.

At first, it might feel hard on your body so please remember to be gentle with yourself. Thankfully, most standing desks are adjustable, meaning you can easily switch between standing and sitting as needed. Eventually, you’ll find a balance that works for you.

Under-Desk Ellipticals and Cycles

Under-desk ellipticals and cycles have been growing in popularity over the past couple of years as well, and yes, it is exactly what it sounds like – miniature workout equipment that fits under your desk to keep you active all day. What a time to be alive, right? Ranging anywhere from $40-400, it’s a great addition to a standing desk or high countertop that’s parallel to the floor. If you find yourself fidgeting at your desk job, this might be the perfect solution. You’ll get all of that excess energy out while doing physical activity, keeping your body and Fitbit happy!

Don’t Forget Your Hands

Do your hands, fingers, and wrists a favor and give your hands and wrists a periodic stretch. If you’ve never thought about exercising your hands before, don’t fret. There are a lot of resources online to help get you started. We like this one from WebMD with its easy to follow diagrams and explanations.


Staying active in your workspace and exercising at work can take many different forms. Regardless of your approach, movements, big and small, can keep you be happier, healthier, and more productive. Feeling better physically is exactly the strong foundation you need to keep your business running smoothly.

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