Feature Highlight: Group Chat

July 15, 2019

Keeping clients engaged and supported while participating in your online program has never been so easy! Using Practice Better’s Group Chat allows clients to work with you, access their online programs and stay engaged all from the same secure place.

Add Group Chat to Online Programs

Easily build a group chat right into your online program so that participants are automatically added to the group chat when they enroll. Not currently running a group program? No problem! You can also use group chats as a general place to support clients with similar health goals.

From your group chats, you and your clients can post images, respond to posts, and even share documents. You can also use mentions to directly notify specific participants in a group that a message needs their attention.

When you create your group chats, you can choose to use a direct message style which is similar to traditional chat or in a feed style, similar to a Facebook group.

In addition to being HIPAA-compliant, you can also select the naming convention to use for your clients’ names. This means that you can decide if clients will see other participants’ full names, first name, and initial or first name only.

The best part is that clients can have access to group chat without having access to individual chat with you so you can still use the individual chat as a way to upsell your one-on-one support.

Why you’ll love PB’s Group Chat:

  • Respect participants’ privacy by editing the participant’s naming convention.
  • Engage regularly with clients without having to log into another platform.
  • Share Files with your whole group
  • Lunch group video sessions for your participants via Zoom
  • Get immediate feedback from clients by getting them to comment on posts.
  • It’s hosted within PB and is secure
  • It’s easy to use!

Why Clients will love PB’s Group Chat:

  • One-stop-shop for program materials and community forum
  • Accessible from their mobile devices
  • It’s secure and easy to use
  • It helps them to stay motivated and connected to the program community

Learn more about using Group Chat to support your clients here.

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