Feature Highlight: Snippets

February 18, 2019

Are you writing the same things over and over again? Whether it be a check-in message to a client, a task to complete or a recommendation on a common topic, you likely have your go-to phrases, explanations, and recommendations that you use over and over again. Snippets will save you time when using Practice Better to create notes, protocols, tasks, programs, and more.

Snippets are your user-friendly shorthand/text expander for re-useable text. Think of snippets as creating templates for different areas of your practice. You can save short or long-format text and associate it with a label for quick access. Incorporate a snippet with only a couple of clicks on your keyboard and Practice Better auto-fills the rest!

If you aren’t using already using snippets in your practice, here are some reasons you should be:

  • Snippets save you time and make you more efficient. It’s one more thing that you can automate in your practice.
  • Snippets allow you to access saved, standard responses in seconds.
  • You can finally say goodbye to copy-paste!
  • Increase your hourly rate by reducing work time. Every minute counts!
  • Snippets can help you be more present in your sessions with clients.

To make your use of snippets even more efficient, use categories to limit which snippets are displayed when creating content in various sections of the portal. E.g. you can restrict a snippet to only appear when creating protocols. Snippets specific to protocols will not appear when sending a chat message.

To use a snippet in a text editor, type two consecutive curly braces ({):

Once you’ve selected your snippet, it will automatically replace the curly braces with your snippet text.

Here are some of our favorite ways to use snippets in Practice Better

In Tasks

Likely, you find yourself assigning the same tasks to different clients. E.g. if you commonly request for clients to send you their most recent blood work, clean out their pantry or book their next appointment. Create snippets for tasks that you’ll want to use and reuse speed up the process of assigning tasks to clients.

In Notes

Snippets in notes can be used in a number of ways. Our favorite is to pull up your standard recommendations or speaking points.

  • Did your clients come in complaining about trouble sleeping, or asking questions about how much water to drink? Create snippets for common topics that you can pull up whenever you need them.

In Messenger

Create templates for your check-in messages and questions as snippets if you regularly check in with clients using the Messenger.

Invite to Book

We know that you may have a few different messages you may want to send to clients when inviting them to book a session or package and that these messages may vary depending on the service they are booking. Create templates for each scenario and choose the appropriate one when it’s time to send.

If you’re not already using Snippets, or you’re not yet using them to their full potential, learn how to get started creating your snippets here.

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