Fitbit Integration

March 23, 2022

Wearable devices will play a big part in health practices going forward. Many clients already track their activity throughout the day. With Practice Better’s Fitbit integration, you can gain access to a wealth of information that is already tracked by your clients. Clients with a Fitbit can integrate it with Practice Better to automatically track their heart rate, sleep, and activity. This information is then added to their Lifestyle Journals.

This integration removes the manual work needed by clients to log their daily activities. To make things even easier, when a Fitbit account is first linked to Practice Better, 3 months of activity and sleep data are automatically pulled into the Lifestyle Journal. This makes the experience for clients very simple as well as for the practitioner as they don’t have to worry about encouraging compliance to manually complete their journal entries.

Having this information tracked and automatically filled in removes the chance of typos and inaccuracies when adding manual entries. Automatically adding data can give you the information you need quickly, and a complete view of the client’s heart rate, sleep, and activity, in order to make data-informed personalized decisions.

This integration also provides the client with real-time tangible data and insight into their progress towards their goals. They can view key activity metrics, including steps, distance, heart rate, and calories burned. Your clients can then use the analysis feature to see this data over time and have it displayed in a graph to view trends or patterns more easily. You and your clients can even compare multiple metrics that are tracked with their Fitbit to see their own progress over different time periods.

Seeing their progress over time, especially as they near their goals, will help boost a client’s engagement, accountability, and motivation. Within the journals, you can also set targets for sleep and activity to help your clients see how often they are hitting their goals. When clients hit their goals they will see a trophy next to their entry to celebrate and help give clients encouragement to continue hitting targets you set.

To learn more about setting journal targets click here.

With the Fitbit integration, your clients can easily add a wealth of information that they already track directly into Practice Better. With data added automatically, you save time for your clients and you can ensure that the information is added in real-time and is accurate. The ability to see this data over time and track progress with the analysis feature also will assist in making informed decisions and keep clients motivated and accountable. With the impact that wearable devices will have on health practices, this is a feature you need to use with your Fitbit-wearing clients.

To learn how your clients can integrate their Fitbit devices to Practice Better, click here.

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