Fixed-Date Programs

February 24, 2022

With Practice Better’s Fixed date programs, you can share your knowledge and expertise with more clients at once. These features make delivering content and coaching clients all available from the same secure platform you trust. Fixed-Date programs also allow you to automate your workflow and help take manual work off your plate. This will give you time back to focus on your clients, grow your user base, and scale your business while keeping the manual work to a minimum.

Fixed-date programs allow you to run your program in real-time, from a fixed start date to a fixed end date. The benefit of running a program in real-time is that program participants are more engaged and accountable, and there is a clear journey from the beginning to the end.

By housing your programs within Practice Better, you can keep everything in one place not only for you but for your clients. This means both you and your clients no longer have to manage multiple platforms for one course and can have a streamlined, positive experience together all in one place. Housing your programs within Practice Better also means that they are fully compliant with HIPAA, PIPEDA, PHIPA, and GDPR regulations so you can ensure your content is safe and secure.

Programs allow you to create a framework for delivering content to clients that is user-friendly, engaging, and supports their outcomes. Within the program, you can create modules to cover specific topics or lessons that release on a set schedule. The modules allow you to attach documents and embed content directly into Practice Better so that clients have access to everything they need in one place, and never need to leave the platform to view your additional resources.

You can embed videos and images directly into your modules.

Additionally, you can attach forms to a module and they will be sent as soon as the module is released. You can use this to send clients a progress form or even a quiz to see how much they have learned. This will allow you to easily track their progress so that you may follow up with them to ensure that they are staying consistent with the program’s goals.

You also have the option to add a task to a module. This means the tasks will also be automatically created for clients as soon as a module is released. You can use these to help set goals for clients to accomplish, motivate them, and keep them accountable.

Within modules, you can attach tasks, forms, and even protocols that will be released when the module unlocks.

To learn more about adding content to a module, click here.

Within the Fixed date programs, you can run group sessions directly in the program and have clients automatically enrolled when they first sign up. This will take the manual scheduling of group sessions off of your plate. These group sessions will also aid in regularly checking in with clients and give you the time to review any questions or concerns as a group.

Schedule group sessions within the program.

To learn more about adding group sessions to a program, click here.

You can also add a group chat to a Fixed- Date program which your clients can use to speak with one another as well as your team. This will help keep everything within the program and allow clients to encourage and help one another as well. When creating your group chats you have two options on how you would like to set it up. You can use the direct chat-style which will display messages similar to the traditional one-on-one chats you’ve used in Practice Better and other chat apps. Whereas the feed style chat will display new messages at the top with replies displayed under each post. This is similar to a feed you’ll see on Facebook and other social networks.

You can create posts within your program that clients can easily interact within feed-style group chats.

Not only can a fixed-date program be used for a paid group program format, but it can also be used to facilitate a free offering such as a free 5-day challenge. In that sense, fixed-date programs can help in acquiring new paying clients by functioning as a lead magnet. The programs can also be set up so that they are self-guided and don’t require any management.

By using the features packed into programs you can be sure that you are providing clients with the knowledge and resources to succeed. With the ability to attach forms, tasks, and embed content directly into your modules, you can ensure that clients don’t need to leave the platform to view your additional resources. Using the fixed date programs and the automations within it will help you focus on your clients, grow your user base, and scale your business.

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