Mastering Secure Client Communication: How a Social Worker Builds Community

March 19, 2024

Before discovering Practice Better, Jemese Drewery, MSW, LCSW, was juggling at least five different platforms to run her business. A Trauma Therapist and Licensed Clinical Social Worker at Grace Abides Christian Counseling, she has dedicated her career to helping women overcome and cope with trauma. As a solo practitioner, managing all of her individual software systems was overwhelming.

Discovering Practice Better: A game-changer for Jemese

We spoke with Jemese about how she has used Practice Better to streamline and strengthen her business practices, improve client satisfaction, and serve more clients. Below are ways that Practice Better has been a game-changer for her practice.

Jemese tried several software while searching for the right one

Jemese said she was looking for a software solution that could provide a single place to manage all my clients’ needs.

“I wanted a platform where I could receive payments, handle contracts, and have secure communication and document storage,”

As she considered her options, Jemese explored various client management tools and Electronic Health Record (EHR) solutions, like Honey Book and Simple Practice.

The struggles of managing multiple platforms

However, she found that she was still managing multiple logins and unable to consolidate everything onto a single platform.

That is until she found Practice Better, which Jemese says has helped her build a growing business and consolidate all of her needs into one platform.

Simplifying billing and scheduling

Practice Better simplifies the billing and payment process for mental health professionals by offering integrated billing features. It allows you to generate invoices, accept online payments, and track billing information seamlessly. If you integrate with Claim.MD in to bill insurance, you can easily invoice your clients for uninsured portions of their treatment.

This helps reduce your admin time, ensure smooth financial transactions, and allow you to focus on what’s most important to you: helping your clients.

Empowering Jemese to delegate like a boss

In addition to enjoying better financial processes, Jemese feels confident in delegating tasks using the platform.

She recently hired a virtual assistant to help with her administrative workload, including schedule management. With the Plus Plan, assigning admin rights in Practice Better is made simple by just clicking a button.

Calendar synchronization: a must-have in a therapist’s practice

Jemese noticed that other platforms she experimented with didn’t offer calendar synchronization unless she paid for their top-tier plan.

“As a solo practitioner, paying for the expensive enterprise plan didn’t make sense.”

This meant she was left to manage multiple calendars, which isn’t sustainable, and exposes busy clinicians like Jemese to data entry errors and missed appointments. A therapist’s schedule is the lifeblood of their practice, and accuracy matters. Missed appointments with clients erode trust, so having an integrated, accurate schedule gives everyone peace of mind.

The confidence of secure and HIPAA compliant communication

Another cornerstone of a therapist’s practice is privacy and security. All client communications through Practice Better, including telehealth and secure chat, are HIPAA, PIPEDA, PHIPA, and GDPR compliant.

This feature is something that Jemese highlighted as invaluable in her client care. She noted that her clients feel safe and confident working with her through the app and the client portal, which allows everyone to focus on what matters most: the healing process.

“I have never had a client ask me anything about privacy, which is a testament to the trust they have in Practice Better.”

Jemese told us, “As a mental health professional [providing telehealth sessions], it is mandatory that the platform is legally secure and 100% protected.” Furthermore, she appreciates the option to use Zoom calls for everything else, a flexibility she hasn’t found in other platforms.

Exploring opportunities for expanding Jemese’s therapy business

One of the main things she loves about Practice Better is that it’s built for more than one aspect of her practice: she can run courses and programs through Practice Better in addition to providing telehealth sessions.

The primary goal of her programs is to foster an understanding of mental health through psychoeducation. For example, if she has a client who needs help establishing boundaries in a relationship, Jemese can create specific, self-paced programs tailored to address this issue.

Her clients can then go through these programs at their own pace to receive the support they need.

Automating client experience, from booking to online courses

Jemese notes that offering programs and courses through Practice Better in addition to telehealth sessions offers her clients different levels of access to reach out to her, which is a “huge win for mental health professionals.”

“Before Practice Better, I was using so many different platforms to organize that kind of material. Now, I can have my clients simply book and set up an account in their portal, giving them access to everything they need without signing up for another account or having multiple logins.”

Not only does this make things easier for everyone, but it offers opportunities for Jemese to expand her practice in other ways. She’s also hoping to focus on programs to create passive income opportunities for her business to grow.

Building community: The Practice Better experience

While the age of virtual healthcare can sometimes feel isolating, Practice Better aims to help providers continue to strengthen their networks when using the platform.

Jemese feels a strong sense of community within Practice Better that keeps her connected with other practitioners. She says the Practice Better community has been incredibly helpful. Here, she can connect with other Practice Better mental health counselors through a group chat where they share tips and ideas.

Most importantly for Jemese, she’s able to cultivate a community of her own and communicate more effectively with clients. She’s able to keep in touch with everyone she’s worked with by sending broadcast messages through the platform, a simple way to stay connected and share updates.

Practice Better is the complete practice management platform for health and wellness professionals. Streamline your practice and begin your 14-day free trial today.

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