How to Use Clubhouse to Leverage Your Business

August 26, 2021

You’ve likely introduced social media as part of your marketing and sales approach. With new platforms being introduced, it can be difficult to stay apprised of how to effectively use new apps to market and grow your business. Clubhouse is a great platform to collaborate with colleagues and interact with your community while showcasing your expertise in your field. How can Clubhouse benefit your business?

To help answer this question we invited Melissa Litchfield, owner of ad agency Litchfield Media, to walk us through the Clubhouse app. Melissa gives tips on how to establish yourself as an industry expert utilizing the app, breakdown the key terms you need to know, and how to get set up for success. From there, learn Melissa’s best practices when moderating rooms and how you can establish brand presence and authority on Clubhouse to help bring new leads into your business.

What We Covered

  • An introduction to the Clubhouse app
  • How to navigate the platform and key terms you need to know
  • A walk through the app and how to set up your bio for success
  • Learn how to “moderate like a boss” with Melissa’s 4-Step Process
  • The key ways to maximize visibility and gain exposure on the Clubhouse app
  • Learn to generate leads from the app for your business

Implement Melissa’s Strategies in Practice Better

Melissa emphasizes the importance of a well-written Clubhouse bio and mentions the idea of adding testimonials as a way to showcase social proof of the results and experience you provide clients. This is a great way to attract new leads for your business! A great way to collect testimonials that you can use on your Clubhouse bio is by sending a feedback form to the clients you’ve worked with. You can easily collect these from clients you’ve worked with by having a feedback form sent automatically after their last session. Using the form builder, create a feedback form that includes questions about the client experience and results they achieved, be sure to include a long response question asking for a testimonial.

As Melissa mentioned, having a captivating room title is key to attracting Clubhouse users into your rooms to hear your sessions. You can utilize the Form Summary Report to view all completed forms and take note of any keywords that come up. This may help you better understand what pain points your clients worked through or words they use to describe their transformation and outcomes. You can incorporate these words into your Clubhouse bio knowing these key phrases are likely to resonate with your niche audience.

Once you have a room established or are scheduled to co-moderate with another room, share this information with your client list within Practice Better. Similar to how Melissa shares her Clubhouse event schedule with her audience, you can let your community know of upcoming events by using the Broadcast feature to send a message to all applicable clients at once.

Better Business Conversations with Melissa Litchfield

Each month, our Business Success Coaches, host an interactive BBC YouTube session, bridging together expert advice and Practice Better technology. Take a moment to watch the session with Melissa below.

Video Duration: 42 minutes

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About Melissa

Melissa Litchfield owns Litchfield Media Co, a digital advertising company that helps small businesses and entrepreneurs skyrocket their impact and revenue with paid traffic. For the past 7 years, she’s been helping online entrepreneurs market themselves online with paid and organic traffic.

Connect with Litchfield Media: Website | Instagram

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