How to Work From Home Without a Home Office

June 18, 2020

Whether you’re working from home by choice or by circumstance, we understand that the setup can be less than ideal. From the lack of dedicated workspace to added distractions and stressors, working from home may put you outside of your comfort zone. But we don’t think that should hold you back!

We’ve put together some tips to help you feel more comfortable and confident in your home office, even without a dedicated office or the perfect setup.

Here are 4 strategies to help you thrive while working from home:

1. Set Your Space

Whether you plan to work from home for the short term or the long term, setting yourself up to be comfortable and prepared is key.
Choose a comfortable location where you can feel inspired to work and a place that you can keep coming back to. Even if it’s a small corner of your kitchen counter, try to find a space that you can leave set up to easily transition in and out of work with minimal effort.

Here are some key office supplies that you’ll want to consider:

  • A comfortable place to sit
  • Close proximity to wall plugs
  • Strong WiFi connection
  • Quality headphones if you’ll be taking calls or doing video sessions. Opt for noise-canceling headphones if distractions are a concern
  • A tidy background for video calls and video recordings
  • Additional lighting if natural lighting isn’t optimal for video
  • Fresh or artificial flowers to decorate your space
  • Essential oils to keep you calm and focused

2. Structure Your Days or Schedule Your Days

Working from home can find you easily distracted by your surroundings or make it more difficult for you to stop working. Start by penciling in realistic work hours based on your home life and what works for you. Be sure to take into consideration your family, pets, or other distractions at home.

It can also be helpful to pay attention to the natural rhythm your day takes and try to book in important calls when you’re most focused or your home is quiet. Communicate this schedule with your family or roommates, and make sure everyone knows exactly when you have important client calls and meetings each day. You could even put a simple calendar with your daily schedule in a common area like the kitchen so everyone knows when you need quiet time.

If you’re juggling home and work life, make time for both and do schedule some time off regular hours to do solo work. The goal here is to create a schedule for yourself that will become your routine and improve your productivity, so stick to your schedule as much as possible and try not to think of it as optional.

3. Get Ready for Work

Working from home shouldn’t be treated like a vacation if your plan is to be productive. Consider how you can set yourself up for success to feel your best and most productive during work hours. How do you usually get ready for your day? What practices or routines from the office can you maintain while working from home?

We’ve got a few to get you started:

  • Get to work on time. Pick a start time and stick to it!
  • Get dressed and ready for your day as you normally would when working outside your home
  • If you’re working with a team, force yourself to turn your video on for extra accountability
  • Take your scheduled breaks so that you are filling your tank and getting some fresh air before hitting that afternoon slump
  • Don’t do housework during working hours

4. Be Flexible

There will always be unplanned events whether you’re working from home or at an office, so why put the added stress on yourself worrying? The doorbell will ring, the kids will scream, the phone ring, the fire alarm will sound because someone else is cooking while you’re working and so many things that you never planned for will also happen… and that’s ok.

Take the pressure off yourself to be perfect and be forgiving. If anything unexpected happens while you’re doing your Facebook live or on a call with your client, just roll with it. We guarantee your clients will be more understanding than you think! If you are really concerned about disruptions, think about opting for those noise-canceling headphones we mentioned above.

Right now, having the ability to thrive and continue to do the work that you love means getting comfortable working at home. Although this is different to what you’re used to and may not feel like the “perfect” setup, it shouldn’t stand in your way of moving forward with your business. And remember, small tweaks can have a big impact. Don’t underestimate the power of changing out of your PJs or getting the right desk chair!

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