Integrating with Zapier

July 14, 2020

Helping you streamline your practice is one of our primary goals at Practice Better. Our Zapier integration is just one way that can help you optimize your workflow between Practice Better and external tools. This integration is most commonly used to connect Practice Better to email marketing platforms such as Mailchimp or ActiveCampaign.

Here are a few benefits of using this integration as an intermediary between Practice Better and your marketing platform:

  • Save time by automating workflow across applications.
  • Keep your clients engaged by adding another channel of communication.
  • Upsell your services and products to existing clients.

If you’re publishing monthly newsletters, communicating to clients daily, creating mailing lists, or sending email marketing campaigns to upsell clients on more of your paid services, you can use our Zapier integration to streamline this process.

How It Works

Integrating your Zapier account with Practice Better allows you to connect Practice Better with other apps and services in your workflow.

Workflow Automations - Zapier Screenshot
Connect Apps - Practice Better: Zapier
Connecting Practice Better with another application in Zapier.


Which Client Events in Practice Better Trigger Zaps?

Practice Better allows you to create Zaps based on specific triggers which creates a link between your apps and tasks. Once a Zap is triggered, Practice Better will send client contact information to Zapier and any other services linked to your Zap.

Practice Better allows you to create Zaps based on the following triggers:

  • A new client record is added to the system
    Either added by you, the practitioner, or confirmed via auto-confirm client automation. This trigger will not be fired if the client record was added from a Zap.
  • A new booking is created
    Either you create a booking on behalf of a client, or (auto) confirm a session request from a client.
  • A booking is updated
    You update the date/time or details for an upcoming booking.
  • A booking is canceled
    You cancel an upcoming booking with a client.
  • A new package is created
    Either you create a package on behalf of a client, or (auto) confirm a package request from a client.
  • A client is enrolled in a program
    Either you add a client to a program or a client enrolls from your Bookings Page.

Adding a client to Practice Better

With the Zapier integration, you can also add a new client directly to Practice Better when they’re added to another tool in your workflow. For example, you can create a new client record for a contact added to your mailing list from an opt-in page or sales funnel.

You also have the option of adding the client’s phone number and deciding if you would like to invite them to join the Client Portal and be given access to the Food and Lifestyle journals. You can even choose to send forms to complete once they’ve been added to the system

With this feature, you can add and invite clients using tools outside of Practice Better. You don’t need to worry about duplicating clients either since a Zap will be ignored if a client already exists in the system with the same email address provided. 

Common Zapier Integration Workflows

A common Zapier integration workflow would be to create a Zap to automatically add your clients to a mailing list created in your marketing platform when a new booking is confirmed. For example, this could allow you to add new clients to your newsletter list or even automatically direct clients through a more complex marketing process, depending on what service they booked.

Another commonly used Zap is to automatically add a client to a specific email list/sequence once a client has enrolled in one of your programs. This Zap could be to add them to your mailing list to offer additional support during the duration of the program or upsell them on complimentary services at the end of the program.

Whether your goal is to save time, strengthen your marketing strategies, or build a better relationship with your clients, our Zapier integration can help.

To learn more about our Zapier integration, click here!

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