Lifestyle Journal

January 07, 2021

Practice Better’s Lifestyle Journal is a powerful tool that you can use to track key indicators of your client’s habits, activities, progress, and areas of improvement. This feature can shed light on your client’s daily decisions and behaviors to assist you in forming a better, more informed strategy to help your clients attain their personal health goals.

The Lifestyle Journal allows your clients to log their physical activity, measurements, vitals, mood, bowel movement, sleep patterns, and share additional miscellaneous information with you.

You can even customize a client’s Lifestyle Journal to render the tool to meet a client’s specific needs.

Customize your client’s Lifestyle Journal categories.

Learn more about customizing your client’s journal by clicking here!

The Lifestyle Journal can also be used as a way to create and manage tangible objectives for your clients. You can set custom daily targets for weight loss/gain, physical activity, and sleep to create goals and structure for your clients.

Customize your client’s Journal Targets.

Clients will be able to see their target in the Client Portal and monitor when they have reached their daily target.

Client’s targets and achievements are displayed in the Lifestyle Journal.

While the Lifestyle Journal can be an effective and insightful tool for practitioners, it can also be a crucial tool for your client’s sense of accountability too. Logging and visualizing daily habits and behaviors will allow your client to be more conscious of their lifestyle choices. This creates a sense of awareness which is the first fundamental step to better decision-making and meaningful change.

You can further empower your clients by allowing them to analyze their own lifestyle entries over time. The Analysis section of the Lifestyle Journal displays graphs and statistics based on the entries your clients have logged in their Lifestyle Journal. You can give your client access to this section if you would like to share a more detailed and comprehensive view of your client’s lifestyle behaviors over the course of time.

Analysis of a client’s activity in the last 7 days.

Learn more about Journal Preferences and Default settings by clicking here!

We’ve also made the Lifestyle Journal, even more, client-friendly through our Fitbit Integration. Clients can now link their Fitbit devices directly with Practice Better to make heart rate, sleep, and activity tracking seamless and effortless. This information will automatically be synced to your client’s Lifestyle Journal and will not require any manual entries from your clients.

Linking Fitbit to Practice Better.
Fitbit data syncs to Practice Better automatically and displays in the Lifestyle Journal.

To learn more about our Fitbit integration, click here!

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