Practice Better Expands Platform To Support More Mental Health Professionals

March 12, 2024

Insurance billing, mental health screening, progress tracking, and more enhanced practice efficiencies 

TORONTO, March 14, 2024/PRNewswire – Practice Better, the leading all-in-one practice management platform for health and wellness professionals, announced today the company has expanded the platform to support the growing and specific needs of mental health practitioners. Further, the company has added a dynamic new insurance billing integration with Claim.MD, empowering practitioners to manage every step of the claims process with confidence and speed. With these new enhancements, more practitioners can manage their entire practice with Practice Better, giving them increased autonomy to spend more time with clients and drive greater results. 

The demand for mental health practitioners continues to surpass supply, requiring a powerful, fully-featured practice management platform designed at depth to help them stay focused on delivering great client care, efficiently. To address this need, Practice Better’s platform now offers an array of mental health screening forms, client progress tracking tools, and mental health templates with more specialized features for mental health practitioners. Practice Better makes it easy to meet with and message clients securely online, track client progress, deliver self-paced educational content, and coordinate care. 

“At Practice Better, our mission is to give practitioners the tools they need to run a great practice with one powerful platform, freeing them to focus on serving their clients’ needs,” said Kim Walsh, CEO of Practice Better. “With this expansion, we’re able to give that vital support to more practitioners than ever, and by extension impact millions more clients with the great care they need.” 

The mental health-specific features coupled with the new insurance billing integration now enable more practitioners the autonomy to manage their entire practice — and serve the whole client — with one powerful tool. The insurance billing integration allows Practice Better customers to:

  • Run real-time eligibility checks for client insurance coverage. 
  • Submit claims, track claim status, handle rejections, and invoice clients for unpaid portions of claims.
  • Access powerful reporting for real-time revenue management, including detailed insurance billing attribution, ERA receipts and rejections, and a holistic Claims Manager for insight into client status and claims.

“With Practice Better’s new insurance billing integration, I feel more in control of our practice’s finances,” said Joanna Hunter, owner of Vita and Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. “The streamlined, intuitive interface has decreased our administrative burden and solved our disjointed insurance claims process.”

With the ongoing adoption of the Practice Better platform by health and wellness professionals, including mental health practitioners, the company will continue to expand its features in the coming months to better serve their needs. 

About Practice Better

Practice Better is the leading all-in-one practice management platform, empowering health and wellness professionals to help millions of clients live better lives. The company serves 15,000+ customers in 70+ countries, reaches more than 1 million clients across the globe, and processes hundreds of millions of dollars annually in payments on behalf of its customers. From its earliest days supporting nutrition-focused practitioners, Practice Better has been embraced by a wide range of practitioners, including licensed mental health providers, naturopathic doctors, chiropractors, and more. The platform relieves wellness professionals of the burden of administrative work, helps them engage more with clients, and empowers them to scale their practices beyond the traditional 1:1 model. Customers consistently award Practice Better the highest satisfaction scores in the field and recommend it enthusiastically to their friends. Learn more at

Practice Better is the complete practice management platform for health and wellness professionals. Streamline your practice and begin your 14-day free trial today.

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