Practice Better Turns Five: Our Favorite Updates

June 09, 2022

A letter from Nathalie, Practice Better Co-Founder and CEO

Dear Practice Better community,

It’s hard to believe it’s been five years since we launched Practice Better and how much it’s evolved since we started. When Graeme and I created Practice Better, we were inspired by my own personal challenges as a holistic nutritionist to help more people without burning myself out. If you don’t know the story, I was managing all the elements of my practice by piecing together more tools than I could keep track of and wasting so much precious time. It felt like I was spinning my wheels and getting nowhere.

Like you, I was in it for the clients—for the impact I could have and the people I could help. I knew there had to be a better way to grow my business without adding more hours to my schedule. That’s when Graeme and I started planning how we could solve this problem.

What I’ve Learned

It’s been an incredible journey evolving the platform and learning from our users and our team over the last five years. I was fortunate to learn early on that it takes time, care and collaboration to build something you really believe in. As a result, collaboration has been a huge part of everything we do. 

Encouraging collaboration across our team, our community and even with our partners has been an incredibly beneficial decision for all. It’s important to learn from others. The truth is that without learning, you can’t progress and I never want to stop pushing ourselves to be our best.

Collaboration and care has allowed us to continue to strengthen and expand Practice Better and capture the incredible power in the details. Our goal is to make you, our amazing customers, successful—to anticipate your needs, listen to your feedback, and give you options to grow and scale beyond what you’re doing today so that you can help more people.

The Power of Community

When we created Practice Better, we knew we needed to share it with others but we had no idea just how many health and wellness professionals were also struggling. 

Very early on we saw the incredible strength (dare I say superpower) of our customers and their commitment to helping one another. From collaboration to support in business, life, or even software usage, it’s been great to see how the Practice Better community has grown.

Helping You Grow Over the Years

As I look back, I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished. I’m proud of the features we’ve delivered to improve the important work you do, the attention we placed on helping your clients be more successful and the genuine care taken to do the best for all our customers along the way. None of it would have been possible without our loyal customers, our partners and industry experts, and our amazing team.

Thank You for Making the Past Few Years Fulfilling

I’m thankful you’ve allowed us to be a part of your journey and I’m looking forward to continuing to deliver features that help you grow beyond what you thought was possible. We have lots of wonderful and exciting updates in store for you. Stay tuned! 🙂 

With gratitude,


Highlighted Features: Our Favorites

Check out some of the highlights of our software development from the last few years. We know we got a little carried away with the list (trust us, we cut it back!) but we hope you find a new feature (or two) that you didn’t know about and add it to your workflow!

Celebrating 5 Years

Here’s a recap of our favorite updates and why we think you’ll love them! We hope you can take advantage of them to make running your practice easier.


FitbitFitness trackers help keep clients accountable if they can track their data and easily measure progress, especially if they can sync their Fitbit data into their client journal in Practice Better.

Wellevate Launch + Fullscript Updates Sending supplement recommendations used to mean hoping your clients would be able to find your favorite products, but not anymore. Searching for and sending product recommendations right from Practice Better means your clients can get the exact product they need right from your online store.

Nutri-QThis integration allows you to use the Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire as a form in Practice Better and delivers reports right to your client’s file so that your nutrition recommendations are easy and simple to make. 

Cronometer – Sync food and biometric data to the client journal with this integration, avoiding double-entry and engaging your client as an active participant in their health plan.

Rupa Health – Labs provide valuable insight into a patient or client’s health. Rupa allows you to receive, view, and share lab results from the client’s file.

ICYMI – Video: How to Add Third-Party Integrations 

Client Experience Enhancements

Client recent activity streamHaving a clear picture of your client’s activity is an important piece of the puzzle. We added a recent activity stream so you can easily follow and visualize important developments in your client’s health journey.

Journal Refresh – Journaling is a crucial part of client accountability. We’ve added important tracking for sleep, body measurements, and activity metrics as well as robust journal analysis to provide you and your clients with valuable insights.

Client Portal Home Page RefreshWe know how important it is for clients to have quick and easy access to what they need most. We made improvements to their Client Portal to make it even easier for them to navigate, log journal entries and see what’s outstanding so they’re always up-to-date.

Telehealth UpdatesOur built-in Telehealth/Video chat feature got an upgrade! We added new layouts, side by side, sidebar, picture-in-picture modes, mirroring, and more!

Family Member Bookings – Sometimes a family member, such as a parent, may need to book an appointment for their loved one, and we’ve made that process painless with this update.

ICYMI – Video: Client Portal: Using Journals

Growing With Your Practice

Admin SupportSometimes, you need support to run your practice. You might have a bookkeeper, an admin assistant, or a virtual assistant to help get everything done, and we celebrate your ability to delegate! We also wanted to make sure you could add these people to your team without giving them the keys to your entire practice (including your secure client files).

Team PlanFor those of you who are growing a team practice, we see you, too! We wanted to ensure that delegating roles and managing permissions was a pain-free process so your team can work harmoniously from the start.

Shared packagesCollaborate with team members in your client care by creating shared packages that allow clients to work with multiple team members.

ICYMI – Video: Managing Roles and Permissions

Recurring Features + Templates

Recurring FormsFor ongoing clients, you may want to have them check in at regular intervals via a feedback form. Schedule the form once, and it will automatically send to clients at the interval specified by you. 

Recurring TasksStaying on top of what everyone needs to do is an important part of running a successful business. Tasks are great for keeping practitioners, admins, and clients up-to-date on what needs to be done. Scheduling recurring tasks automatically saves you so much time.

Recurring PaymentsHave a membership program? Never forget to bill your clients again with recurring payments, putting them on a payment plan (pro tip: set up an automation for recurring payments once a new client subscribes, and never worry about chasing invoices again!)

Recurring SessionsWith programs, or even your regular clients, you want to have them follow up with sessions on a regular basis to keep their health plan top-of-mind, so you can schedule recurring sessions and ensure they’re in your calendar.

Task TemplatesEfficiency is key to freeing up your time, especially when setting tasks and reminders for yourself and your clients. We’ve made creating tasks even easier by allowing you to template them.

Module TemplatesHave a favorite topic that you commonly address in your programs? In your new or existing programs, you can create a module template to use again and again and save yourself time.

ICYMI – Video: Creating Client Memberships


Task AutomationsThis is one of our favorite features (if we had to choose one…) You can schedule a task before or after an upcoming event, and it will automatically be assigned to you or your client. If a client books, signs up for a new program or completes a form, we have an automation that can make the process simple.

Tag AutomationsKnowing when a client completes a program can help you follow up with them quickly and easily. Now, you can automatically tag a client’s record when they complete one of your nutrition programs so you can know who needs support next.

Auto Import Form AnswersWhen your client completes a form, you want the responses to go directly into their file, and with this feature, you don’t need to worry about transferring data from one place to the other.

Add Protocols to ProgramsIncluding protocols in your programs helps you easily share your lifestyle, diet, and even your supplement recommendations to all program participants at once. Clients can even purchase Fullscript recommendations from your program via this protocols update.

ICYMI – Video: Setting Up Automations

Business Operations, Analytics, and Billing

CMS-1500 Forms – Create and download CMS-1500 forms for submission to Office Ally when working with clients and billing insurance. 

Reporting and analyticsKeep an eye on what’s moving for business forward, or troubleshoot as needed, with this feature that gives you an overview of bookings, packages, payments, forms, and notes. Compare with other time periods and share reports with your team to uncover key business insights.

Form Response Summary ReportYou can use this feature to level up your marketing, for example, by viewing all the responses in a given form. You can even generate a word cloud. See the most common reasons why clients reach out to you and use this information to make important decisions about your practice.

Create Lab OrdersNeed to keep tabs on the labs you’ve ordered for your clients? With this update, you can add requisitioned labs and then later attach the results to your client’s record and share them.

ICYMI – Video: Reports and Analytics

From the entire team at Practice Better, thank you for coming with us along this journey; we’re excited for what’s to come!

Practice Better is the complete practice management platform for nutritionists, dietitians, and wellness professionals. Streamline your practice and begin your 14-day free trial today. 

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