Ashleigh Norris, Group Programs and Creating a Sense of Community

April 29, 2021

We chatted with Ashleigh Norris, a Certified Nutritional Practitioner, and Reiki Master who works with menstruating individuals who want to optimize their hormones, metabolism and free themselves from living at the mercy of their hormones every month.

She brings a well-researched, realistic and honest approach to healing while incorporating functional testing and honoring bio-individuality. Ashleigh works to embody the emotional, spiritual, and physical aspects of wellness to create lasting results that leave her clients feeling educated and empowered in their bodies.

Let’s jump in and hear more from Ashleigh about finding community and working with hormone nutrition.

You’ve found a specific niche for yourself in hormones and gut health. What drew you to this specialization?

What drew me to this niche of health and hormones was honestly my own journey with Hashimoto’s and thyroid cancer. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s at a young age and had no idea that there was a connection between my immune system the health of my thyroid and what was going on with my gut. A huge part of my practice is now teaching people about the inner connection and to stop looking at their bodies in silos. The health of our gut impacts our moods, thyroid, period metabolism, energy levels, libido, and everything in between.

You place a strong emphasis on community with your clients. How has your personal journey with your health influenced your stance on community and its importance?

Community is a key ingredient in our healing at every age, this past year has reminded us of that more than ever before. There is no mistake that we thrive in safe communities and the isolation that can come with a health diagnosis adds challenges and emotional overwhelm. Creating safe spaces for community members who are seeking similar healing experiences, where they can come together and inadvertently support the collective, has been a driving force in my work and creating the practice I have today.

How do you achieve a feeling of community in person and virtually?

A community for me is defined by the joining of a group of people with mutual interests and goals, willing to show up for themselves and others while working towards a positive shift or change. My clients and I work together to create a community and I have now been able to create that experience virtually which has been special. I use Practice Better messaging and Facebook to connect my clients during their group programs, allowing them to foster deeper relationships and create a circle of support and trust.

How do you feel a sense of community impacts your clients’ wellbeing and outcomes?

Through community healing programs, clients are able to find others to validate their experiences, relate to, and empower each other. It allows them to see what’s possible for others is also possible for them. They benefit from others’ stories, questions, lived experiences and shared wisdom. The diversity in our community brings new ways of doing things and refreshing perspectives to the table.

How has utilizing the programs feature and running group programs changed your business?

Running a group program has shifted my business entirely in the past year allowing me to work with more women all over the world with similar underlying issues at the same time. It has also offered a deepened sense of safety, support, and accountability for my clients and enabled me to serve them in a bigger and more impactful way.

Do you have anything coming up that you’d like to share with the PB community? Where can our community go to learn more about you?

We recently opened the doors to our Group Program The Soulful Reset and will be offering practitioner-only training for those looking to grow their nutrition business in 2021. You can follow along on Instagram or visit my website to learn more.

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us, Ashleigh!

You can learn more about Ashleigh by visiting her website The Soulful Sprout and Instagram page.

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