Using Online Programs to Help Clients Improve Their Oral Health with Heather Ling Medeiros, RDH

September 12, 2022

Our Practitioner Spotlights showcase the unique ways that our diverse range of practitioners are using Practice Better to help support their business goals. This month, we had the chance to speak with Heather Ling Medeiros, a dental hygienist who opened up an independent dental hygiene clinic to focus her efforts on helping women improve their oral health at home! After 20 years in a traditional dental setting, Heather grew tired of seeing the same patterns in women suffering from sensitive teeth/cavities, receding gums, and TMJ issues, despite doing all the right things at home. 

Improving Oral Health Beyond In-Person Check-Ups

Heather decided to open up her practice to help women get to the root cause of their problems. But less than two years after opening, she realized she needed to find a solution to help bridge the gap between dental appointments. 

How Heather Automated Her Clinical Practice Using Practice Better

After discovering Practice Better, Heather launched at-home online programs to help clients reduce/eliminate their symptoms and prevent potential future costly and painful problems. Heather can now help women worldwide without having them sit in her dental chair. 

What is your signature package, program, or offering? 

I use the Evergreen program format to run my signature program, “The Beyond The Floss Formula,” which helps my clients build a strong oral health foundation. Clients have access to ongoing enrollment and access to the feed for questions and support. I will be launching my next program in the Fall, “The Resilient Smile Solution,” which will also be evergreen and include weekly group coaching calls.

Which Practice Better features do you use in the promotion/selling/marketing stage?

I add my Practice Better links in my biography on Instagram, posts on Facebook, and emails to my contact list, sometimes with links to book a Clarity Call or even a direct link to sign up for the program.  

Which Practice Better features do you use in the onboarding stage with clients?

I use forms for everything! For clinical clients, I collect all medical and dental histories, COVID-19 screenings, and assessment forms. On the other hand, for my virtual clients, I collect the same forms as above except for COVID screenings. I also send out appointment reminders and automate my forms to deliver at specific times for accountability.

Which Practice Better features do you use to help maintain client progress or communication after you’ve finished working together?

To maintain client progress, I run a membership-type program (I followed the Practice Better instructions in the Help section) and set up automated monthly payments for clients who wanted continuing support.

What makes Practice Better a great fit for you and your business? 

I was going to hire someone to help me for my clinic, but after discovering Practice Better and being able to automate the booking process, reminders, and medical/dental history update screening forms, I didn’t have to! I also had more time to create content to attract more clients and run online programs to reach and help more floss-frustrated people!  

What advice would you share with other practitioners looking to build a successful business and run their practices using Practice Better? 

I have to say that since running online programs through Practice Better to help my clients bridge the gap between their dental appointments, I noticed how much their oral health improved, even after working with them clinically for years! From there, I used my formula within Practice Better to try it out on people who have never even sat in my chair or who lived in different countries. I was amazed to witness the impact the online program had on them! I would never in a million years have thought this would be possible. Yet, seeing the proof when my online clients share their before and after assessments with me, I’m blown away and I don’t think this would be possible without Practice Better!

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us, Heather!

Heather Ling Medeiros

Connect with Heather on her website, Facebook or Instagram. 

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