Using Automations to Streamline Your Workflow with Jamie Reisinger, CNS

July 11, 2022

Our Practitioner Spotlights feature the inspiring ways that our practitioners are using Practice Better to help support their business goals. This month, we had the pleasure of chatting with Certified Nutrition Specialist Jamie Reisinger, who runs a virtual nutrition coaching practice called Reisinger Performance Nutrition. Jamie helps everyday athletes lose fat, build muscle, improve performance and optimize their overall health.

We dive into how Practice Better automations help Jamie streamline her workflow and her favorite features like scheduling, food journals, notes and protocol features, and more! 

With 15 years of fitness industry experience and a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science, Jamie was determined to learn more about how nutrition impacts a person’s health and physique. In 2014, Jamie decided to pursue a Masters in Nutrition from the Maryland University of Integrative Health. She’s now a Licensed Dietitian-Nutritionist in Maryland and Florida and lives in Florida full-time! 

Jamie’s main niche is active individuals; however, she has a special place in her heart for those suffering from metabolic syndrome and works with select clients to try to help stop the snowballing damage that often occurs with this condition. 

What is your signature package, program, or offering?

The 90 Day SHREDS is my signature program where I teach clients how to optimize their Sleep, Hunger, Recovery, Energy, Digestion and Stress!

I started this virtual group program by offering live training each week inside a private Facebook group. I will soon be providing these training sessions via pre-recorded videos which will live inside modules in the Practice Better program. I’ll still have the Facebook group for community support throughout the program and as a place where clients can ask questions and share their wins each week. I will also offer weekly Q&A sessions to keep that intimate feel and encourage personal interaction. 

In this program, I utilize macronutrient tracking as the main method for helping clients lose fat, build muscle and improve performance in the gym or sport. They are encouraged to use the Practice Better Food & Mood Journal to log their food intake and I set custom macro goals for each of them in their journals.

Which Practice Better features do you use in the promotion/selling/marketing stage?

Before enrolling in 90 Day SHREDS, everyone has a free Discovery Call with me to make sure they’re a good fit and that they understand what the program entails. I don’t currently have a website so I post the booking link as a link on my Instagram page and will send it out directly in personal conversation. Before they can schedule the call, they are required to fill out a questionnaire which is a form I made and attached to the appointment. Then I use the video chat feature in PB to conduct this call.

Which Practice Better features do you use in the onboarding stage with clients?

I am obsessed with the automation features Practice Better offers! As soon as a client is enrolled in my program, I am able to easily create an invoice or payment plan for them and send them all the intake paperwork by clicking two buttons.

Which Practice Better features do you use in the “working together” stage?

Once our sessions end, I use the scheduler in Practice Better to schedule any 1:1 calls. Since I already have my availability synced, it automatically sends my clients confirmation and reminders for their appointments. The Practice Better Food Journal makes it so easy to see what my clients are eating. I especially love the Analysis feature where I can generate an average of their total calories (and lots of other nutrients) over the last couple of weeks.

For my 1:1 clients, I also use the notes and protocols feature to keep organized notes from all sessions and send a very professional looking recap with recommendations and supplement recommendations from Fullscript when needed. We also heavily use the private chat feature to communicate in between sessions. I conduct all private sessions via Practice Better’s Telehealth feature.

What makes Practice Better a great fit for you and your business? 

Practice Better is very affordable and has all the features a CRM for nutritionists should have, plus nutrition specific features like the Food & Mood Journal, Lifestyle Journal, ability to connect to a supplement dispensary, HIPAA-compliant messaging and video calls–not to mention the pre-loaded and customized forms and waivers you can create! 

Practice Better is the 3rd CRM/Practice Management tool I’ve used and I love it so much I’ve stuck with it for a couple years now and don’t plan on going anywhere!

How has using Practice Better allowed you to build a successful business? 

Practice Better has helped me build a successful business by automating and streamlining many processes that otherwise would take up so much time. I know many other nutritionists and health coaches who have to use a minimum of 4 different software to get the job done that I can accomplish with just one! 

Knowing that Practice Better is open to suggestions and always making improvements to the platform keeps me around, too. The Facebook group and free webinars are a bonus, especially for new practitioners wanting to get their business up and running or to make it more successful. 

What advice would you share with other Nutritionists looking to build a successful business and run their practices using Practice Better?

  1. Automate everything you can from the start. It takes some time upfront, but it saves you SO MUCH in the long run. 
  2. Create a test account with a personal email address and get familiar with how the client portal looks. Set your test account up with new service offerings and send invoices, forms, etc., to make sure everything works properly and looks how you want before sending it out to a client.
  3. If you’re doing 1:1 sessions, utilize the note and protocol templates as well as snippets. You will find yourself saying the same thing over and over again. Rather than typing it over and over again, you can create templates or snippets to quickly insert the generalized part of the information you want to share.
  4. You will likely change your services, pricing, and packages over time. That’s ok as you evolve and figure out what works best for you and your clients. However, I encourage you NOT to create a different offer or price for everyone. It gets very confusing and is harder to automate. Assert your authority and remember that clients are coming to you because they trust you know what they need.

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us, Jamie! 

Jamie Reisinger Practitioner Spotlight

Connect with Jamie on Instagram. 

Practice Better is the complete practice management platform for nutritionists, dietitians, and wellness professionals. Streamline your practice and begin your 14-day free trial today.

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