Using the Right Software to Create Personalized Client Plans with Keren Reiser, RD

November 02, 2022

Our Practitioner Spotlights celebrate the unique ways that our practitioners are using Practice Better to help support their business goals and improve clients’ lives. This month, we had the pleasure to speak with Keren Reiser, a mom to four teenage boys and a gut and digestive health Registered Dietitian who runs her private nutrition practice and consulting business. 

Keren has a Bachelor’s Degree in Nutritional Sciences with an internship in Dietetics, a Master’s Degree in Health Administration and over 24 years of experience with food in different settings (e.g., meal preparation, menu planning, food systems, food service management, and nutrition behavior counseling). Keren’s training is in nutrition therapy for IBS and low FODMAP diet, nutrigenomics, food intolerances, food sensitivities, body image weight issues, and disordered eating. She has worked for the government, private companies, and consultants and even owned a local meal prep delivery company.

Managing Ulcerative Colitis with Diet, Stress Management and Medicine

At 16 years old, Keren was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. This diagnosis has defined her throughout her career and life stages. She has experienced many flare episodes that prevented her from going out in public, and led to clinical trials for medications and many colonoscopies. 

Keren shares that she’s fortunate to be at a place in her life where she can now manage her symptoms with diet, stress management and medicine.

Growing a Virtual Practice 

Since Keren started using Practice Better over five years ago, she has been able to control and grow a successful virtual practice. Keren’s favorite tagline is “Every gut has a story. Let’s explore yours.” She’s a lifelong learner and continues to take many courses to increase her knowledge and support her clients. She’s currently pursuing the designation as a Certified Eating Disorder Specialist.

Finding the Right Software 

Meal and menu planning has been the core of Keren’s practice, and she’s used many meal planning software throughout her career. Over the last three years, she decided to streamline her technology and focus on the software platforms that make her business run smoothly, which include Practice Better and Living Plate Rx

Practice Better is Karen’s administration powerhouse

It allows me to run a smooth 1:1 client practice and group programs where I can provide personalized nutrition care to my clients. I manage my calendar and services all within practice better. My clients enjoy one simple destination for booking appointments, accessing documents, protocols, group programs, sending me messages and paying invoices. The superbill option has been amazing for clients who need more detailed receipts for their insurance reimbursements.”

How Keren Incorporates Living Plate Rx 

Keren uses Living Plate Rx for menu planning and nutritional content! She started using it as a recipe-based menu planning software and has grown to build and sell many different combinations of menus for her clients. Her clients love the easy user interface and the simple drag-and-drop technology. 

Helping Practitioners Grow Their Practices 

Keren’s consulting business helps other practitioners scale and grow their practices. She’s passionate about sharing what she’s learned and what has made her work life easier. 

For the last three years, she’s been a contributor to the Scale Your Nutrition Facebook group and helped many practitioners navigate Living Plate Rx Prime and integrate it within Practice Better. More recently, Keren found balance in her life by becoming a consultant for Living Plate Rx to support their growth, update menus, programs, and support their community. While she loves to help clients with their gut health, she also enjoys helping her colleagues grow their businesses.

She believes that Living Plate Rx has the most unique offering for health and wellness professionals to scale their practice; Keren shares that with Practice Better, you have the tools you need to run a successful nutrition, wellness, or health coach business.

We asked Keren some questions about how she uses Practice Better in her business and we hope that you learn as much as we did! Check out her responses below.

What is your signature package, program, or offering? 

I take pride in personalizing my service offerings to my clients! Many of my clients have a unique program designed around their needs. All clients start with a free 15-minute discovery call. This call helps me understand their needs, provides reassurance that I can address them, and sets expectations for working together.

My meal planning package includes a comprehensive 60-minute nutritional assessment, a 7-day meal plan, and two 30-minute follow-ups. While the meal plan is only for 7-days, these clients get access to 4 weeks of digital meal planning with Living Plate Rx. The custom meal plan is designed based on their unique nutritional needs and food preferences. In the follow-up sessions, we focus on nutritional knowledge and how to meal plan within Living Plate Rx. The goal is for the client to be confident in meal planning when we finish working together. Many clients stay on longer than the package or join a group program. 

In addition, I offer a DNA meal plan program that includes the same components of the meal plan package and Nutrigenomix testing. 

Throughout the year, I provide group programs to help serve more like-minded clients. These programs are very helpful and provide community and group accountability. It allows me to serve more people. 

I am currently working on launching a membership program that will include meal plans and cooking videos for members.

What makes Practice Better a great fit for you and your business?

It has all the features I need to run a private practice and a consulting business. There is no other comparable software that would help me run my business smoothly without hiring an administrator. Practice Better seamlessly manages all of my administration needs. The Reports and Analytics are invaluable for monitoring my growth and provide insight into where I need to focus next.

How has using Practice Better allowed you to build a successful business?

  • Smooth onboarding
  • Links well into my website
  • Ability to brand my portal
  • Group programs–I am so excited by the updates that make Practice Better comparable to other learning management systems

In the last 12 months I’ve seen:

  • 35% increase in sessions
  • 34% increase in unique clients
  • 27% increase in income

I love the form response analytic report:

  • Reason for consultation
Reason for booking a consultation
Create a word cloud based on form responses in Practice Better
  • Current health and Medical history
Current health and Medical history
Circle graph of form responses in Practice Better

What advice would you share with other practitioners looking to build a successful business and run their practices using Practice Better?

You can’t have it all at once. You cannot do it all at once. Take the small steps today that will grow and scale your business for tomorrow and beyond. 

Pick star software technology partners like Practice better and Living Plate Rx that are responsive and align with your business needs. I have been very impressed with the support from both the founders and practitioner communities.  

You don’t need to pay a business coach for advice on how to scale your nutrition, wellness, or health business. Just start small and be patient with the growth. Between Practice Better and Living Plate Rx, you will receive an incredible amount of business coaching value and how-to support.

Book a FREE 30-minute demo of Living Plate Rx Prime!

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us, Keren!

Keren Reiser

To connect with Keren, visit her website or Instagram!

Practice Better is the complete practice management platform for nutritionists, dietitians, and wellness professionals. Streamline your practice and begin your 14-day free trial today.

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