Providing Mental Health Care and Building Relationships Using Practice Better with Lexie Belle, LMHC

December 22, 2022

Our Practitioner Spotlights celebrate the many ways that our practitioners are using Practice Better to help support their business goals and improve clients’ lives. This month, we had the pleasure of connecting with a licensed mental health counselor, Lexie Belle. Lexie owns and operates a group practice in Florida specializing in reproductive mental health for women, perinatal mental health for pregnant and postpartum people, and mental health when struggling through infertility or pregnancy loss.

Lexie was brought to this life-saving work through her experience as a two-time survivor of postpartum depression, postpartum anxiety, and perinatal (during pregnancy) OCD.

What is your signature package, program, or offering? 

Our programming focuses more on 1:1 and group care. Since we operate in the United States, we accept a wide range of health insurance plans to increase access to care for those who are pregnant and postpartum. 

Mental health care (and all healthcare) for people who are pregnant and postpartum is incredibly costly, and with no paid leave required of employers, pregnant and postpartum people often go without care for their mental health simply because they cannot afford to pay the self-pay rates many providers charge in this field.

Which Practice Better features do you use in the promotion/selling/marketing stage?

There are many great tools in Practice Better to make running a practice like ours easier. Practice Better’s forms and ease of access for scheduling appointments have been vital in capturing leads and building out email lists to offer new programs to.

We embedded a public form we’ve created and a great booking link into our website so potential patients can fill out an interest form and schedule a free consultation, all in one shot. 

We also created a separate space on our site for our referral partners across the state to refer patients to us and collected patient information directly into Practice Better. This has been a game changer for ensuring client information is securely transmitted from the referring provider to us.

Which Practice Better features do you use in the onboarding stage with clients?

During the patients’ onboarding stage, we share all of the features they have access to in Practice Better, including:

  • How to connect with their therapist outside of sessions through the client portal and messaging function
  • How to utilize their journal
  • How to look out for tasks assigned to them by their clinician
  • How to utilize the documents section to get us sensitive/protected health information or to upload homework follow-up

We also walk them through our seamless billing process (how we collect their co-pays).

Which Practice Better features do you use in the working together stage?

In the working together stage, we rely heavily on messaging, tasks, billing, and document features. When working with a population like ours, staying connected to our patients in between sessions is paramount. 

What makes Practice Better a great fit for you and your business?

For many of our patients, we are the first step to building a network of support where they practice reaching out for help when they need it and accepting that help when it’s offered. This is so incredibly important for pregnant and postpartum people. 

By utilizing messages and journals throughout the week, our patients can practice connecting, and our team can encourage them to continue and build their network of support by responding to them during high-need times.

Our group programming also relies heavily on the chat feature. This can be one of the loneliest and scariest times for the population we serve, so having a chat they can go to and get support from outside the group is also a huge win for us when using Practice Better.

How has using Practice Better allowed you to build a successful business?

Using Practice Better has helped us create a unique and cohesive ecosystem that allows us to provide care to our patients in a way that is unlike any other practice in our area. 

The way patients can remain connected to their therapists and other patients participating in groups has been a huge selling point when talking to partners in the community about our work. 

We aren’t just in the business of providing mental health care; we’re also in the business of creating relationships. Practice Better has helped us to drive that home and has allowed for exponential growth in our practice size this year.

What advice would you share with other practitioners looking to build a successful business and run their practices using Practice Better?

If you are a provider in the mental health field, be open to learning every feature available in Practice Better. There are so many incredible ways to create charting templates that are easy to use (because we don’t love notes as mental health clinicians, so why not make them easy to do?).

Plus, there are many ways to help your patients experience growth by creating opportunities for accountability and connection.

If you stay curious and keep your creative juices flowing, the sky’s the limit on ways that Practice Better can help you run your practice.

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us, Lexie!

Lexie Belle, MS LMHC, QS

To connect with Lexie, MS LMHC, QS, visit her website, or Instagram. 

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