Practitioner Spotlight: Meg Bowman

November 08, 2018

Meg Bowman is a licensed clinical nutritionist and founder of The Clinician’s Incubator.

As a Clinical Nutritionist, Meg specializes in mental health nutrition and serves clients with anxiety, depression, ADHD, OCD, and eating disorders. She weaves together tools from functional medicine, intuitive eating, and a weight inclusive HAES (Health at Every Size) approach. Meg helps people optimize their health as well as supporting a positive relationship with food.

As a founder and supervisor of The Clinician’s Incubator, Meg educates and mentors recent nutrition graduates preparing for their CNS certification. This internship offers graduates of Master’s or PhD-level nutrition programs the opportunity to earn CNS hours, advance clinical skills, and gain confidence in business skills from people who have built successful nutrition practices from the ground up.

Meg Bowman, Clinical Nutritionist

We asked Meg about her own experience managing her practice and here’s what she had to say:

One of the challenges I’ve faced in the past was using with 2–3 services to gain the functionality needed. With Practice Better, my clients have the ability to book online, fill out forms online, chat with me online, and keep track of their goals.

I absolutely adore the protocols feature the most. I’ve found an easy way to build your protocol template database. At conferences or trainings I attend, I open a new protocol and start taking notes. I add information for the client about the condition, potential food, supplement, and lifestyle interventions, and also include any supportive documentation or research. Then, when I get a client with that condition, I simply pull up that protocol, assess what is right for the client, and delete or add as needed. All of my documentation is right there, saving me loads of time, especially with conditions that I don’t see all the time.

Having the ability to have clients schedule (and reschedule) themselves without going back and forth via email on appointment times made a huge difference. I always felt like I had to “save” the times I offered to someone until they got back to me. With online and in-app scheduling, clients simply schedule themselves for appointment times that work for them! I love being able to have my scheduling, billing, and note-taking capabilities all in one place!

You can find out more about Meg’s work in private practice at You can also check out all the details about the upcoming January cohort of the The Clinician’s Incubator, how to apply (December 1, 2018 deadline) and details about their scholarship at or

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