Staying Organized with Practice Better to Help People Transition to Vegan Living with Rhyan Geiger, RD

December 06, 2022

Our Practitioner Spotlights celebrate the different ways that our practitioners are using Practice Better to help support their business goals and improve clients’ lives. This month, we had the opportunity to connect with Rhyan Geiger, a Registered Dietitian and two-time vegan author who specializes in vegan nutrition and helps people 1:1 easily transition to vegan living through her business, Phoenix Vegan Dietitian. 

Rhyan’s passion for teaching plant-based eating habits took off in 2015 when she transitioned to vegan eating and started her journey towards positively impacting the world, one bite at a time! Since then, she’s been featured as an expert in vegan nutrition in many media outlets, including Forbes, Women’s Health, Business Insider, and VegNews. 

Read on to learn how Rhyan uses Practice Better to help others transition to vegan living. 

What is your signature package, program, or offering? 

My signature package is a three-month going vegan program where I teach the basics of vegan nutrition/vegan living. In these three months, I meet with clients twice monthly using the Zoom integration on Practice Better. Our first session is 60 minutes, and the follow-ups are around 30 minutes. In between sessions, I check in weekly and answer chat messages that may come in. Clients also receive weekly educational series based on what we have been working on in sessions. 

Which Practice Better features do you use in the promotion/selling/marketing stage? 

  • For potential clients to easily find my services, I have a discovery call widget on my website and a link to my booking page in Practice Better. 
  • I offer a 20-minute free discovery call. Clients sign up using Practice Better scheduling and fill out an application form.
  • Once they sign up for a discovery call, I have an automation tag to stay organized.

Which Practice Better features do you use in the onboarding stage with clients?

  • When onboarding a client, I have them fill out an intake and client agreement form
  • Clients can book services using the booking feature and process their payments through the program selection. 
  • Once they are booked and have their invoice paid, they have access to the food journal, which they can start keeping track of their baseline or what we are working with to make vegan swaps. 
  • Clients can also access the chat feature to answer questions about setup and offer support.

Which Practice Better features do you use in the working together stage?

  • I most likely use all of them except the evergreen and fixed-date programs. When working with clients, I check in via chat, send forms to check progress, provide protocols with education, provide supplement recommendations for vegans using Fullscript, provide feedback on meals using the journal, and create tasks based on their goals. 

Which Practice Better features do you use to help maintain client progress or communication after you’ve finished working together?

  • Once a client has graduated, I use Practice Better to survey their experience to see what I could do better and what their favorite features of my program are. 

What makes Practice Better a great fit for you and your business?

I have been using Practice Better since 2018 and have found it to be perfect for me. It not only has all the tools I need to work with my clients, but it also allows me to feel comfortable and confident in the way I present my services and programs. Most times, new vegans come to me looking for help and boosting their confidence in their eating habits. I love that I am able to easily collect data using Practice Better to ensure they get everything they need.     

How has using Practice Better allowed you to build a successful business?

The amount of time I have saved using Practice Better is incredible! Previously I didn’t have a great way to organize all my information and resources, but now I can work more efficiently. One tool that helps me with wins is seeing the income reports. Because I work with multiple streams of income, being able to analyze the breakdown right in Practice Better helps me know where I am standing with direct client care income. Overall, it helps me stay organized and have better peace of mind, allowing me to put more effort into my actual clients instead of software or systems that don’t work. 

What advice would you share with other practitioners looking to build a successful business and run their practices using Practice Better? 

You can’t mess up! You can only learn and you can’t do anything without learning.

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us, Rhyan!

Rhyan Geiger, RD

To connect with Rhyan, visit her website or Instagram!

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