Program Summit Recap: Create, Sell, and Run Your Health & Wellness Course

February 15, 2023

Programs Summit 2023 is Here!

Programs Summit is back! Catch up on last year’s topics below and get ready to join us live on August 9 + 10. Uncover expert strategies and insights, learn new skills, and connect with other go-getters in the health and wellness industry.

Catch Up on Our 2022 Programs Summit

With all the multi-tasking health and wellness business owners do, the idea of starting a new project can be downright daunting. How many times have you said “I’ll start tomorrow” and then it turned into starting next Monday, then next month, quarter, or even next year? That once-shiny idea then just sits there in the back of your mind, gnawing away at you and making you feel guilty for not having started yet. 

For many health and wellness practitioners, that project is building their first online course.  Imposter syndrome might creep in, and you may begin ruminating on why you shouldn’t launch your course. We at Practice Better want to inspire you to dust off that plan for your first online wellness program and put it into action, even if it’s not perfect. That’s why we ran the Program Summit: to help answer your questions, ease your concerns, and give you the confidence to put your expertise out into the world through an online course. Our goal is to inspire you to take that next step for your business and the clients you love helping!

If you missed this event, fret not! We’ve got the recap in this blog.

Why You Should Consider Launching an Online Course 

A virtual course or online program is a great way to keep clients on track and engaged between 1:1 sessions and beyond. It’s also a convenient and flexible way for clients to continue working on improving their health. Online courses encourage clients to become more invested in their health, become a part of a community (think group programs) and can increase their accountability. When self-paced or automated, a low-effort, low-cost wellness course can help people get to know, like, and trust you before signing on for more intensive work, such as 1:1 sessions. As you can see, there are plenty of ways to use online courses and programs to your advantage. 

Plus, once you launch, you’ll be on your way to earning passive income! Adding another income stream to your business is a smart practice, helping to smooth out the fluctuations in income when you get appointment cancellations or during slower times of the year. In times where discretionary healthcare spending lessens, people still want to take care of themselves, and having a more affordable option for them to benefit from your knowledge and expertise (while also protecting your time and boundaries) can help you widen your impact. 

In Case You Missed It

We hosted our Program Summit in 2022, featuring four top business coaches in our community: Meghan Walker, Lori Kennedy, Laura Schoenfeld, and Deanna Wolfe, who have conquered building, marketing, and selling programs. They were all once in your shoes and are now sharing their knowledge and top tips to help you achieve your goals! 

In this event, we aimed to answer many questions we’ve commonly heard from practitioners and wellness professionals in our community:

  • What do I need to build a program?
  • Who is going to want to buy a program from me?
  • What does it even look like?
  • How do I price it?
  • How do I promote and sell it?

If you’re looking to create your first course, these sessions will provide you with the mindset and frameworks you need to have a successful launch. If you’ve launched a program before, these sessions can provide important reminders and inspiration to create another one. 

If you didn’t have the chance to join us live, we’ve packaged every session below! Read on to uncover expert secrets on creating, selling, and running your next course. 

How to Grow Your Email List as A Health and Wellness Professional

On Day One, Meghan Walker, CEO of Entrepology Labs and Clinician Business Labs, kicked off our Program Summit by sharing her secrets to building your email list. Growing your email list is pivotal to expanding your clientele and scaling your business, and it can feel like nothing but a popularity contest to try to get more people on your list. Luckily, Meghan helped demystify the steps you need to take to start building your list.

In this session, Meghan dives into: 

  • The “line of fine” and understanding where potential clients are at in their state of readiness 
  • Four clarity questions that you need to answer before you start to create lead magnets that move people onto your mailing list 
  • Choosing a mailing platform and committing to a mailer schedule 
  • The anatomy of a lead magnet 
  • List building options including lead magnets, webinars, quizzes, challenges, and summits
  • Simplifying ways for people to opt into your ecosystem 
  • The email nurture sequence, starting with email number one, where you deliver the lead magnet

Watch day 1 with Meghan Walker: 

3 Ways to Use Practice Better to Build Your List

While you might already have an email service provider, you can still put your Practice Better account to good use in your marketing efforts. Here are some ways you can use Practice Better to help gather and nurture prospective clients:

  • Launch an email-only program to nurture prospective clients on your platform
  • Connect your Practice Better account to your current email provider with Zapier to automatically add a client to your mailing list
  • Send broadcast email messages to your clients

How to Improve Client Results With These 5 Program Must-Haves

On Day Two, Lori Kennedy, CEO of The Wellness Business Hub, shared the essential elements you need in your online program so that you can feel confident that you can help your clients get the results they desire. Lori kicks off this session by sharing two shifts you must make, starting with shift number one: Stop trying to help everyone—this means it might be time to niche down and get specific about the types of problems you’re trying to help solve.

In this session, Lori dives into: 

  • 3 ways to start narrowing down the painful problem that you solve 
  • What 5 must-haves you need in your program
  • How to use the 5 must-haves to outline your online signature program
  • What you can do to feel confident that your program works and will get clients the results they desire

How to Build Your Program in Practice Better

If you’re ready to dive in, explore some of Practice Better’s Program Features! We have the tools to help you take your business to the next level. 

  • Learn all about our latest Programs update 
  • Explore the different types of Programs you can offer (Self-Paced, Email-Only, and more!)
  • Build your community by incorporating a Group Chat in your Program or host a group session via Zoom

Watch day two with Lori Kennedy:

How to Determine the Right Pricing Strategy for Your Course

So far, you’ve learned how to build your email list and create your online program. Now it’s time to figure out a pricing strategy that works for you! On Day Three, Laura Schoenfeld, Registered Dietitian, and Nutrition Business Mentor helps answer your pricing questions. Laura takes a very structured and mathematical approach to program pricing, which she says helps a lot of her mentees who don’t know what it means when people say to “charge what you’re worth.”

In this session, Laura dives into: 

  • Why pricing matters 
  • The 8 p’s of an irresistible offer
  • Why you need to nail your niche 
  • How to determine the right pricing structure so that clients win AND you, the practitioner, win (yes, Laura says this is possible)
  • Why premium pricing is actually the ethical way to sell your services
  • What it really means when someone says they “can’t afford your program”
  • Why selling your time is a broken model and what to do instead

Navigating Pricing in Practice Better

Learn the systems Practice Better has in place to ease your pricing struggles.

Watch day three with Laura Schoenfeld:

How to Market and Sell Your Online Program

In this session, Deanna dives into:

  • Sales perception vs. reality
  • 3 key marketing tactics
  • What NOT to do/say in your marketing 
  • Using your Instagram as a successful sales machine & how to ensure your program stands out

Practice Better Tools to Promote Your Programs and Services 

Learn how to leverage Practice Better tools to marketing and sell your program! 

  • Put Deanna’s testimonial tip into action with this DFY testimonial form! Use this code: form_5bfc3c85627d7902a081ce1af7ed8be6ef1970fa to add this form to your Templates
  • Learn how to link your Services, Programs, and Packages to your website 
  • No website? No problem. Create a custom Booking Page and share the link in your newsletters or on social media 
  • Explore how to link your Facebook pixel to track conversions from your Booking Page and how to link your Google Analytics account to track client behavior
  • Now that you’re inspired, put it into action. Here’s Shelley’s Deep Dive on building Evergreen Programs in Practice Better

Watch day four with Deanna Wolfe:

Done-For-You Content to Help You Launch Your Next Course

Sometimes, you simply don’t have the time to create your own course from scratch. Or, you want a template to experiment with and mold to your needs in Practice Better. That’s where done-for-you content can come in. With all this wonderful learning about courses you just did,  you can put those lessons into action with our done-for-you course!  

To add our Kitchen Cleanout Course to your Practice Better account:

  1. Use this code: program_5becd532627d1411a478e96d77254311be9a39fe
  2. Import your template and make it your own 

Check out this video for step-by-step instructions on how to customize this course in Practice Better. 

We loved putting on the Program Summit and we’re excited to continue to provide leading-edge business-building content for you. As a health and wellness professional and small business owner, you deserve to reach your business goals and fully express your knowledge and expertise. Online wellness courses can help you share that knowledge with a wider audience. We wish you the best of luck creating and launching your courses this year and look forward to seeing you at our next event! Be sure to follow @practicebetter on Instagram to hear announcements for upcoming events.

Practice Better is the complete practice management platform for nutritionists, dietitians, and wellness professionals. Streamline your practice and begin your 14-day free trial today. For full access to all Program features, select the Plus plan.

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