Refer & Earn Program: An Easy Way To Earn Additional Income

July 21, 2022

People often talk about taking what you love and turning it into a side hustle as a way to earn additional income. Although we can all agree that having multiple revenue streams is valuable, it’s not always the easiest to figure out where to start. In fact, no one really acknowledges how intimidating this venture is. With the many paths out there you can take, how do you figure out which one works for you? 

If you’re in the health and wellness space, there are many ways to add income to your business that you might not have considered. We’ve spoken with some of our experts and community members and found out what works for others. Referring colleagues to a software you already use, for example, doesn’t involve hours of extra work, taking a course you’re not excited about, or spending extra money to launch. You also have the opportunity to help other practitioners and share your expertise with people in your community. 

Read on to figure out how to implement our Refer & Earn program into your business.

Earn Passive Income Via Refer & Earn

If you’re at a point in your career where you feel like you have your business setup figured out and you’re ready to share your experience and knowledge with others, this is a great way to start. 

If you sign up to Refer & Earn, you become a referral program member, meaning that you have a referral code to share with other practitioners. If people you refer sign up for a paid account, you earn money back. As a member, you can help more practitioners discover the best tools to help their businesses. This option can provide additional revenue in a way that works for you.

Our Refer & Earn Process 

After you sign up, you’ll receive a unique referral link. Start earning commission by sharing your referral link with friends in the same space as you! For example, here are a few ideas on how to spread the word:

  1. Share your link on your social media channels or your website
  2. Do you teach your practitioner expertise to up-and-coming practitioners? Share your link amongst any educational groups 
  3. Are you a guest or hosting a webinar with many attendees in the health and wellness space? This is a great opportunity to share your referral link

How do I get Reimbursed for Referrals?

At the end of each month, you’ll receive 10% for each referral who signs up for a paid plan. Your rewards are calculated and available for redemption via PayPal or Stripe (alternative methods are available for non-PayPal regions). Payments are verified and paid out the month after your commission is earned. For example, any commissions earned in February will be available on March 16th.

Payouts end after 12 months or upon cancellation of the monthly subscription, whichever comes first. 

By joining the Practice Better Refer & Earn program, you agree to these Terms and Conditions.

How to Sign Up for the Refer & Earn Program

You can sign up right from your practitioner portal! 

  1. Click on the Profile Menu, then select Refer & Earn:
Refer & Earn Program

2. On the Refer & Earn page, click sign up, and you will be redirected to our program page, which will provide additional information and allow you to sign up for an account.

Or, sign up here.

Signing up Without a Practitioner Account

If you haven’t yet signed up for a practitioner account, you can still create a referral member account. For example, are you a health and wellness expert but not actively practicing? Whether you belong to organizations or schools in this space, you can share the love, too!

A Refer & Earn Program Allstar: Melissa Heiman 

Here’s a success story of someone who’s done an inspiring job at growing their business, earning passive income as a Refer & Earn program member, and doing what she loves. Melissa explains how she earns money in her business and shares how to get started. If you’re interested in how Melissa overcame old paradigms about money to grow her business to over $150k in sales per month, read on!

Please provide a short description of your business.

Our business offers online training and certifications in trauma healing and becoming trauma-informed. We offer innovative life-changing methodologies for people who want to start or improve their alternative therapy practice.

What are your different lines of business/sources of income?

We offer predominantly online courses for practitioners all around the world. We also offer consulting to people who want to offer online courses and create residual income (usually if they want to go past the 1:1 model). We love teaching either.

Which income sources did you have first, and which did you add later?

Firstly we had an alternative Mental Health and Addiction Recovery centre (in-person) which started back in 2016. We then grew to a team of 5 and ran that for 4.5 years. Then I became pregnant and priorities changed, so we got our method accredited (which is called Root-Cause Therapy) and started training and certifying people (just in time, when covid started, so 2019) and moved to a tropical island in Thailand for a year. 

Then, we added another trainer and team member to help with admin, and now have 4 main practitioner trainings, which focus on somatic healing, trauma healing and being trauma-informed. Plus, we added educational short courses, based on our education, experience as practitioners and our lived experience. 

We now have qualified practitioners from all over the world and our student community continues to grow everyday. When we had the healing centre we did approximately $30k per month, now we often do $80k plus per month and over $150k in sales per month (as we offer payment plans).

How did you break through your earnings plateau?

Even though we had completely changed our business from bricks and mortar to online training, we were earning exactly the same. The breakthrough occurred when we joined a mastermind to get support and also started looking at the nervous system (and how it can block certain earnings over subconscious fear of safety) and within weeks our earnings started to double and we have been able to keep it up consistently for over a year now. We teach these methods of how to break through the plateaus in our training ‘Trauma-Informed Manifestation Coaching’ if you are interested in breaking through yourself.

Did you find you had to challenge any old paradigms about money in order to succeed?

Absolutely. You need to look at several aspects; such as conditioning around money growing up, belief systems taken on through either watching people that you love stress or struggle over money, or listening to people’s views that had issues with money or people with money. For example, through the school system and jobs, we are taught that time equals money, so I see a lot of practitioners run themselves into the ground because of this belief. Whereas I have noticed the less I work (and smarter I work) the more money that we make.

What is your relationship with money like today?

It is much better than a few years ago, I actually pinch myself at our level of lifestyle and not have many money worries. But, as always, when you reach a certain level, you always want more, and there is always going to be a part of you that needs to know that it’s safe and possible to have and earn more than you currently are.

What was the easiest/simplest source of income to add to your business?

By far the online courses, as you record once and it’s done (although we do offer on-going, lifetime support to all of our students). The other one has been the mentoring and consulting side, for people and families who want a better work/life balance and freedom lifestyle.

Has Practice Better helped you to add multiple revenue streams to your business? How?

Yes, I am able to offer 1:1 therapy or coaching to my students, I also get commissions and can do group programs as well. There are so many possibilities with Practice Better!

You’ve referred a lot of other people to Practice Better through our Refer & Earn program. Do you have a system or process that you use? How do you get others to sign up?

Included in our Practitioner Training is business training (for people who want to start or improve their therapy practice) so naturally in this course I mention and recommend Practice Better in the relevant lessons in the business course that we offer, called “Practice in a Box.”

What is your favorite thing about Practice Better’s Refer and Earn program?

The ease of use. It logs in automatically when you’re in Practice Better and with minimal work I’ve been able to share my recommendation for this program and get commissions every month.

What makes you passionate about referring other practitioners to Practice Better?

Compared to so many other programs, it is truly an all in one for practitioners. Even though it’s aimed at health practitioners, it has been perfect for our healers and therapists to get all of their online business setup and off the ground (without having to get all different software and try and link them together). Taking this kind of guesswork out of the technology side of things has helped our new and current practitioners feel professional and their clients get the sense that they are being held and booking with a professional and organized person, with everything on their end being in one place as well.

Sign up and Start Earning! 

Are you inspired by Melissa’s journey? Sign up for our Refer & Earn Program today – spread the word about Practice Better and earn passive income along the way!

Connect with Melissa on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, The Centre of Healing Facebook Group, or visit her website. 


Practice Better is the complete practice management platform for nutritionists, dietitians, and wellness professionals. Streamline your practice and begin your 14-day free trial today.

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