Supporting Your Business With Online Health and Wellness Programs

February 12, 2020

Online programs are becoming increasingly crucial to businesses in the health and wellness space. More than ever, clients are seeking accessible, professional guidance, knowledge, and motivation towards achieving their personal health goals. Practitioners around the world are answering this call by providing their knowledge and services in online health and wellness programs. Health-promoting programs allow practitioners, like you, to offer your expertise and knowledge to many individuals who wish to better their lives by taking on a healthy lifestyle.

Creating health and wellness programs online can benefit you and your practice in ways that you may not expect. Of course, a well-designed online program enables you to engage, educate, and motivate your clients. Using Practice Better’s Programs features, you can go one step further and automatically drip your program content to all your clients/participants on a preset schedule.

Whether you are considering running a short-term, high-engagement group program for challenges or detoxes, one-on-one educational programs to promote and build healthy behaviors, or nutritional programs that include meal-planning or recipes, Practice Better will allow you to customize your program to suit your specialty and client needs.

Practice Better allows you to create programs in two different modes: Fixed-date and Evergreen.

Fixed Date Programs vs Evergreen Programs

Fixed-date programs run from a set start date and finish on a set end date. Modules are unlocked and accessible to clients based on calendar dates.

Fixed Date Program - Practice Better

Evergreen programs are available at any time and where the client/participant can purchase the Evergreen program and run through it on their own. Modules are unlocked and accessible to clients/participants based on durations after enrollment (ie. 1 week after client enrolls).

Evergreen Programs - Practice Better
Evergreen Program - Practice Better

Not only will you be able to share your professional expertise with a larger client base using Practice Better’s Programs features, but you’ll also be able to provide in-depth, engaging material to your clients in a dynamic, professional, using your favorite resources, such as videos, audio files, PDFs, informational handouts, worksheets, PowerPoint presentations, and nutrition resources such as recipes and meal plans. This will leave you more time and more energy to focus on the one-on-one coaching aspect of your practice with clients who may require more of your attention.

In addition to the variety of ways you can deliver your program material, you can also provide clients with better support using the following Practice Better client accountability tools:

  • Scheduled tasks
  • Fillable forms
  • Associated group sessions
  • Group chat
  • Food + Mood journals

Practice Better Programs give you the tools to help more people through a sustainable and scalable coaching model.

To learn more about our Programs feature, click here.

To watch our Deep Dive on How to WOW Clients with Online Programs, click here.

Practice Better is the complete practice management platform for nutritionists, dietitians and wellness professionals. Streamline your practice and begin your 14-day free trial today.

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