Team Permissions

July 08, 2021

When working within a team, you will want to ensure that every team member has the tools and resources they need to support and fulfill the different aspects of your business. In Practice Better, you can set up permissions to determine what settings and resources team members have access to. You can create one role for multiple team members or specific roles for individuals. Choose to keep your setup simple, or get as granular as you’d like when customizing a team member’s permissions, all while maintaining privacy and control over your client’s records.

Often, team members will require different types of access to fulfill their duties. To accommodate the needs of your practice, you can set up permissions based on roles, tags, and team member access.

Roles can be defined by account types of either Practitioner or Administrative user. A Practitioner Role has the ability to create and manage resources of their own, while the Administrative Role can manage resources on behalf of practitioners.

Once a role is created, it can be easily applied to multiple team members, or you can create unique roles for individuals.

Different roles you may have in your practice.

For example, you may have a scheduling assistant who only needs to support you with bookings and payments but does not need access to more sensitive information such as the client’s medical history, session notes, or forms. You can easily limit your scheduling assistant to only accessing scheduling and invoicing sections in Practice Better by adjusting their permissions.

Enabling permissions in a role.

To learn more about managing your team member’s permissions, click here!

While tags are a great way to categorize and group clients, they can also be used to customize your team member’s permissions.

For instance, you may have multiple office locations and certain team members in your practice may only work with clients at one specific location. You can easily tag all clients who visit that location and then set up your team member’s permissions so that they are limited to only being able to view client records with that tag applied.

Restricting a user’s access by tag.

To learn more about tags, click here!

You can also use permissions to grant team members access to resources created by other team members. This can be done by customizing team member access.

By default, a user is restricted to their own resources. However, you can open a user’s team member access to allow them to view and/or edit other team member’s resources. You can limit users to all or specific team member access, or even adjust the level of access per team member by using our Advanced permissions option.

Customizing a team member’s access.

For example, you and your team member may be working with the same client and need to view each other’s session notes in order to keep up with your client’s progress. With the correct team member access, your team member can easily view resources that have been created by yourself or other team members.

Filtering resources by team members.

To learn more about how to view team member resources, click here!

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