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June 17, 2021

Better Business Conversations

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The Benefits of Using Video in Your Business

Video content is becoming more and more popular in the health and wellness space, and for good reason! Using video as a medium is beneficial not only to support greater client outcomes but contributes to the efficacy of your marketing/sales and thus the growth of your business.

Video can be used as content in your paid offerings but is also a great option when you are building community and relationships with prospective clients.

In this blog, we’re going to share why it’s beneficial to use video content, as well as where and how you can utilize it in your health and wellness business. Let’s start with the why!

Client Engagement

As a health and wellness professional, client engagement is likely always top of mind. In order to actually help your clients, they need to be engaged in the work you’re doing together. Video content is excellent to support client engagement because it is more likely to keep their attention and interest versus other types of content such as written documents. Video is also a medium that speaks to a variety of different learning styles which contributes to greater engagement across all of your clients and prospective clients.

Easy to Consume

Video content is easy to consume because it can be watched or listened to in a variety of settings. Even if clients are on the go, they can tune into the audio portion of the video using a mobile device. With video, they also likely have the ability to pause, skip ahead or go back to a certain section of the video which helps reinforce their engagement with the content.

Builds the Know, Like, and Trust Factor

When clients or prospective clients see and hear from you, you’re naturally building a stronger relationship with them. They are able to get to know your personality and are more likely to see you as an expert they can trust. This is an essential component to not only being able to help your paying clients but support your marketing & sales process with prospective clients or new leads. That takes us to the next point…

Supports Business Growth

Using video content as part of your marketing and sales strategy helps support conversions. According to HubSpot, using a video on your sales landing page increases conversions by 80%. Video also comes into play before you even start selling your services. Precision Marketing Group shares that 92% of mobile video consumers share videos with others. This means that the chance of getting your content in front of new eyes goes way up when you choose a video format.

Now that we’ve shared some of the benefits, let’s dive into where and how you can use video content in your business.

Paid Offerings

Using video in your paid offerings can be a great way to boost engagement and accessibility of your content, ensuring that your clients actually take away all the value that you intended for them.

Video content can be used in group programs, courses, memberships, and even with one-on-one clients. Here are a few examples of where you could integrate video content into your paid offerings:

  1. Membership program which includes meal plans and recipes. You could consider pre-recording cooking demo videos for each recipe or even offer a live monthly demo for all of your members. This format could be used for any educational content.

  2. Fixed-date coaching program with weekly live group calls. You could consider recording those calls and including the replays inside of the program for those who couldn’t make it live, or those who want to refer back to the content later.

  3. One-on-one package with foundational learning videos. You could include all educational videos in an organized resource library for your clients to go through on their own time, ensuring your one-on-one time together is spent on coaching instead of educating them on basic concepts.

Free Content

Utilizing video is a great option when offering free content as it allows you to add a lot of value for leads or prospective clients. Through video, you can build a sense of trust and engagement with your community as well as support your sales conversions in a significant way.

Video can be integrated into offerings like lead magnets or free challenges, in your newsletter or landing pages, or on social media. Here are a few examples to get you started:

  1. Free 5-day mindfulness challenge with daily meditations. Your daily meditations could be done live as a group call or could be included as pre-recorded videos that each challenge member receives over the five days.

  2. Monthly hot-seat coaching on social media. This could be done via Instagram or Facebook Live and allows your followers to join and receive a bit of coaching from you on the spot. This is great because it gives them insight into your style as a coach or practitioner and highlights the value that you offer, making them more likely to convert into paying clients.

  3. Free cooking demo download as a lead magnet on your website. A lead magnet is a piece of free content that you provide to your community in exchange for their email address. It should provide them with value related to your niche or area of expertise and be a stepping stone towards your paid offerings.

Implement in Practice Better

As we’ve shared above, utilizing video in both your free and paid offerings can be beneficial for you and your clients/prospective clients.

In Practice Better, you can easily integrate video into any group or one-on-one services.

Our Program features allow you to include video content in many different types of offerings such as fixed-date group programs, memberships, free challenges, or content libraries. If you are sharing recommendations with one-on-one clients, you can easily include a video in their protocol or add it to their document folder.

Zoom Integration, Videos, and Practice Better

There are many options available to help you create engaging video content and to have seamless group or one-to-one sessions with clients from wherever they are. Use our built-in Telehealth feature for any live one-on-one sessions, and our Zoom integration to run and record video sessions with groups. Then, you can take that recorded Zoom video and easily turn it into evergreen content to use in your programs or marketing—just remember that, in order to keep the video evergreen, avoid mentioning the date, season, or any time indicators in your video.

Webinar Transcript

Hey, everyone. Welcome to another Facebook live with us. Today, we’re going to be chatting you through the benefits of using video content in your business. This has become such a popular topic in the health and wellness space, especially over the course of the last year and a half, but for really good reason. Video as a medium can be beneficial to support greater client outcomes, but it also contributes to the efficacy of your marketing and sales in your business, and therefore the growth of your business. And video can be incorporated in so many different ways, something like what we’re doing today. Also when you’re doing things like consulting—so things like your paid offerings, but it’s also a great option to really engage with your community.

So as you’re building relationships with prospective clients, different ways of incorporating video can really help with that. So today what we’re going to be talking about is why you would want to consider incorporating more video into your business and why it’s beneficial to use it, and where and how you can actually utilize it in your health and wellness business. Jen is actually going to kick us off with why we would want to use video in our business.

Why Use Video In Your Health and Wellness Practice?

Hey everyone. And I just want to ask you if there is anyone joining us live or anyone watching the replay, we would love to hear from you. So comment below and let us know if video is something that you already use in your business, or if this is something that you’re wanting to start integrating. We’d love to hear where you’re at with it. So like Brit said, we wanted to dive into starting with the Why behind using video content in your business. If you’re someone who already uses it, you likely have experienced a lot of these benefits, and if you’re not, if you’re someone who’s wanting to use video, then hopefully this will be helpful to really highlight why it might be beneficial for you. The first thing is looking at general client engagement. So use of video content really does support your clients’ being and feeling more engaged in your content.

Engaging Your Clients with Video

Engagement, as a health and wellness professional, of course, is something always top of mind. How can you further engage with your clients or even your prospective clients? Those who are in your community and you’re looking to convert them into paying clients. The engagement piece is so important because, in order to actually help your clients and have them experience the value that you bring, they need to be engaged in your work together. So video is a really great way to boost that client engagement. The reason why is because it helps to keep their attention longer and their interest versus other types of content, like written documents or other media. Video is more engaging from the attention and interest perspective.

Another piece on that front that I wanted to mention is that video is a medium that does really speak to a variety of different learning styles, which can be really nice. Overall, that contributes to more engagement across more of your client base, because likely most of your clients have a slightly different learning style. Maybe some clients are more visual learners or auditory learners, and a video would speak to both of those types. Not only is video going to keep their attention and interest, but it will speak to different learning styles, allowing you to have more impact among a variety of different clients and even prospective clients as well.

Clients Can Easily Consume Video

Those are all such good points. I think that, like you said, video is an engaging medium these days. We’re so inundated with it on our social media, and it’s what we’re drawn towards, but that’s kind of the next Why: video is just so easy to consume. There are also ways that you can watch videos on the go, in a variety of settings. If your client is busy and they need to take their resources on the go with them, they can tune into the audio portion of the video on a mobile device, like their phone—even play it through their Bluetooth speakers in their car and just listen along that way. It’s very easy to consume in a variety of different settings in different ways. There’s also the ability to pause, skip ahead, or go back to certain parts of the video.

So if you’re doing anything that’s prerecorded, they’ll have the luxury of pausing and taking notes if they need to, or re-watching if they miss something or really want to narrow in on a certain point. There are lots of benefits to being able to pause and come back to the content at their own convenience. With video, it just helps to reinforce what they’re learning with the video content.

What if You’re Intimidated by Making Videos?

I think that video can be really daunting for some people, but it’s kind of like a muscle. You have to work up to get comfortable with it. Maybe a lot of us are feeling more comfortable with it now than we were a year and a half ago, but video can be really nice converse with your clients in a very casual way, so you don’t have to worry about formalities with things like grammar and editing. It can just really be off the cuff and feel very personal for your clients, too, which can break down those barriers and allow them to feel really a personal connection with you.

I love those points, Brit. It’s interesting with video, too. I like the point you mentioned about just being able to listen to the audio portion of the video, because nowadays, even things like podcasts are so popular. Being able to consume content on the go or just in lots of different settings is really what people want these days—to be able to have it at their fingertips. Video can be a great way to do that because they can have it right on their phone. They can watch a little bit, but maybe if they’re commuting or something, they’re just listening. So I love that. I think that’s such a great benefit of video content for sure. Similar to what you were saying around building that relationship with your client through video is another benefit: building that “know, like, and trust” factor.
Clients Can Get to Know, Like, and Trust You with Video

So with video, you have the ability to build those factors with your clients. And when your clients or prospective clients can actually see and hear from you, you’re naturally building that stronger relationship with them. It’s much more personal, they can get to know your personality, and they’re more likely to trust you from that perspective. They’ve made that connection with who you are through seeing you on video. This exposure is very, very valuable when you’re looking at not only your paying clients, but also your prospective clients —you can build that know, like, and trust factor. It, in that sense, supports your marketing and sales process with those prospective clients or leads. So you can really use video to build that real sense of trust, personability, and connection with your clients.

I love that. I think it’s so much easier to present your authentic voice over video, whereas when you’re typing things out, you learned how to write in school where we’re formatting things in a very particular way. So, it’s not always easy to come across with your personality and writing in that context. It may be a little bit harder to achieve [conveying your personality] because you get to use your facial expressions and different inflections with your voice, so it can be a lot easier to be engaging over video and come across in the way that you intended. Just as Jen was saying, when it comes to the sales and marketing side of your business, your video content is really going to help support it, and anytime you’re adding to your marketing and sales strategy, that’s going to help with conversions.

Converting Prospects Into Paying Clients: The Stats

So with respect to taking those prospective clients over to paying clients, we pulled a couple of stats for you guys. According to HubSpot, using a video on your sales landing page helps increase conversions by 80%. That’s a pretty huge number to consider. Video also comes into play before you’re even selling your services. Another stat: 92% of mobile video consumers share videos with others. That means that the people who are watching your videos are very likely to send over that video to someone else for them to watch. So these are things to consider if you’re thinking about adding video content into your marketing plan for services or events or whatever you have on the go.

That leads us into the next thing I did want us to touch on, too, now that we’ve talked about some of the benefits of using video content in your business. What about the where and the how? Where are you actually going to use video? How are you going to use video? One thing I’ll mention before we dive into this is at the end, we’re actually going to give you an insight into the Practice Better platform and show you exactly how you can use video on Practice Better. So make sure to stick around to the end for that. So one of the ways, the where and the how, that you can use video in your business is something we’ve already alluded to, which is in your paid offerings.

Video Content in Paid Health Coaching or Nutrition Programs

Jen :
So you can integrate video content as a medium in your paid offerings. For example, for your group programs and courses, perhaps you’re running a four-week coaching program and you want to integrate live video calls or maybe you’re going to do some pre-recorded meal planning demos, or something similar. You could use video that way, as instructional. You could create a content library, so it’s a grouping of video content that walks your client through the foundational knowledge pieces before working one-one-one. Maybe it’s a membership, something like a content library, a group of content in your membership that you want to share with your clients. There are a lot of different ways you could use video content in a paid offering. So that could be, again, something prerecorded that you record ahead of time that’s an educational video, a demo, a class, something like that.

Or you can include live video in your programs, such as coaching with your program participants or similar. Then, you could record the session and share the replay with your clients after, if they weren’t able to make it, or you want them to be able to refer back to that valuable content that you shared in that live call. So we’re going to show you both of those ideas in Practice Better in a minute. But I wanted to get across the idea of using video content in your paid offerings in a few different ways.

And we also want to share with you ways that you can use video in your free content. For example, when you’re engaging with your community or adding to, again, your marketing or sales strategy. So for things like your free challenges, you can use video to funnel people into a bigger offering, similar to how you would use video in a paid program. Whether it’s one weekly check-in that’s live with your clients or some short, prerecorded videos to add to the daily challenges that you’ve put together, video can go a really long way, especially in building that know, like, trust factor, as these are likely prospective and current clients at this stage. And again, you can use video as a lead magnet, or free download. So if you created a masterclass on something and you really wanted to educate your clients on one specific topic and do it a little bit more extensively, that masterclass could be your freebie offering.

Using Video on Social Media to Connect with Clients

Of course, we know that video is rampant there. So IG stories, you could do your IGTV, you could do reels, you could even publish shorter posts to your timeline on Facebook, or even hop over to TikTok. There are so many ways to use video on social media, social networks prefer video content these days. As we talked about, it’s very easy to want to share video, so keep that in mind when you strategize on social media. You can also embed video content into your newsletter. So if you’re sending out a touchpoint to your community, whether it’s weekly, a couple of times a month, whatever it is, how nice to have an actual face-to-face with you, that your clients can watch. It just feels so personal. It allows you to talk in your authentic voice and share what you want in a fun, engaging way for your community and clients.

Those are all great. It’s amazing how far video can take you in your marketing and sales. Like that one stat that you mentioned about HubSpot using video on your landing page, increasing conversions by 80%. That’s huge, so definitely something to consider for your marketing. One thing that just came to mind for me is when we’re looking at these different ways to use video content in your business, it’s also important to think about where you’re planning to share it and cater the content to the medium. So where I’m going with this is: you want to share something on social media, say, an IGTV for that matter. You probably want the length to be a little bit shorter, concise, and to the point. However, if you’re sharing the video in one of your paid offerings, you may need a longer video with in-depth educational content. So just keep in mind that in the different media and platforms you may be sharing video, you’ll want to customize the length, but also how you’re speaking to fit that platform. That was something I just wanted to share as well.

I think it’s also good to keep in mind how you use different platforms as the user rather than the business. Think, how are you engaging with content online? What draws you in? That will give you an indication of how others engage on social media as well. So keep in mind: what really grabs your attention? What makes you scroll past?

Incorporating Text into Your Social Media Videos

If you are someone who is on social media, you’re probably seeing a lot of reels where people integrate text into their video as well. These are just short bite-size, maybe 30-second videos, but that’s also a nice way to have it be video and still get the benefit of text-based media. So that’s another good way to utilize video but have it be more dynamic.

And accessible, which is nice. Instagram is coming up with things like captions and it allows for a broader audience to be able to consume your content, too.

The captions feature is awesome, especially if you’re someone who likes to go on Instagram stories and talk a lot. For some people, that really comes naturally, and that is how they love to communicate. And for some people, not so much. But if you are someone who does like to talk in long-form, then the captions is really important because it will help to keep people’s attention.

[Editor’s note: the rest of this Better Business Conversation session includes Jen’s demonstration of videos in Practice Better, which we think is best viewed in the video above. If you haven’t watched it yet, the demo begins at 16:41.]

Practice Better is the complete practice management platform for nutritionists, dietitians, and wellness professionals. Streamline your practice and begin your 14-day free trial today.

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